Order: <Abolos> is planning to purge Belbua's Farm of the Lepharist Revolutionaries. Go to him.

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After talking to Abolos in Tolbas Village, head to the west to Northern Tolbas Forest. Kill ten Thieves found there. Return to talk to Abolos, and then go back. Belbua's Farm is close to the Lake, and Cavil is inside the building. Clearing before attempting to kill him will make it easier. Return to Abolos to collect the reward.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"I'm glad to see you. We could really use the help of a skilled [Player Class]. I take it you've heard of the Lepharist Revolutionaries?
Some would have you believe they're little more than bandits. That's not true. They're well armed, highly trained, and treacherous. They preach revolt against Sanctum, the destruction of our government...even outright defiance of the [[Seraphim Lords.
And some of our people are beginning to listen to them."
1 "How can we fight them?"
"Like all racketeers, they cluster in small groups and work from hidden power bases.
When they first took Belbua's Farm, people thought they were just looters. But they're dug in, entrenched, with plenty of supplies.
Now they're approaching the villagers, saying they only want to "talk,"...seeding doubt and fear. "Why does Sanctum want to suppress us?" they ask. "Can't they tolerate free speech?""
1 "Go on..."
"Freedom of speech is all very well, but we can't tolerate conspiracy and sedition. These people are a pestilence and must be stopped! <Centurion LetoLeto>, one of our Guardians, has done her best to hold them off, but she needs reinforcements, and Sanctum seems unwilling to listen. Some of the villagers have formed a Watch to aid her.
Still, there's only so much we can do. Our people haven't had it easy lately, and unhappy people are easy prey for the Lepharists. Make no mistake; they will capitalize on every ember of resentment, every splinter of jealousy our people have ever felt toward us, their protectors.
Drive the Revolutionaries out of Belbua's Farm. Start small and work your way up. Take out a Thief or two. They're vermin, [Player Name]. Show no mercy."
1 "No mercy!"

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Congratulations on your safe return, [Player Name].
Did you defeat the Thiefs?"
1 "I did!"
"Excellent. I made some inquiries while you were getting your hands dirty, and I learned their leader's name. Cavil.
This rabble are nothing without their leaders. Take them down, and the mob will soon disperse.
Head back to Belbua's Farm and shut him up for good."
1 "Consider him silenced."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"I hope you have good news. I told you about the Lepharists' treasonous talk. Well, now they've tried to bully some villagers into joining them. At knife-point.
First they take an honest man's farm, and now they try to swell their ranks by force!
Make me happy, [Player Name]. Tell me you took out their leader."
1 "He's dead, all right."
"Well done!
It seems the Lepharist plan to establish a base near Tolbas Village has gone up in smoke, doesn't it? What a dreadful shame. How awful for them.
Good work, [Player Name]. You're going to be a very popular Daeva after today."

Summary Edit

You helped Abolos sweep out the Lepharist Revolutionaries from Belbua's Farm.

To wound them even deeper, you killed their local leader, Cavil.

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