Collect Pressa and bring them to BuBu Kong, who is starving, so that he can regain his strength.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Collect Pressa and bring them to <BuBu Kong>.

Pressa (0/15)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Gather 15 Pressa, which can be found nearby, and return to BuBu Kong to collect the reward. You will need an essencetapping level of at least 275 to gather Pressa.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

Bubu Kong
"I am so hungry.
The food here, it is no good...
I not eaten for too long..."
1 "Is there nothing you can eat?"
"I can't eat the same food that the Mist Manes do, and I can't go out to forage with so many fierce creatures nearby.
I long for some Pressa. It would restore my strength in a blink~
Daeva, would you get some for me?"

Accept Edit

"You will? Really? The Mau keep telling me to be strong...
Pressa grows in the sunny places, not in the sheltering the shade.
Please hurry, I feel weaker by the second."
X "Be...never mind."

Decline Edit

"Daevas wont[sic] help me, Mau won't help me. This is the end of the BuBu tribe.
Poor BuBu Pat, what will I do?
Daeva, please help me!"
X "You have to do this yourself."

Reward Dialogue Edit

BuBu Kong
"I have waited here for you.
My feet wanted to follow you, but my stomach said no.
You can hear it complaining now, can't you?"
1 "BuBu Kong, we have to talk"
"Okay. You talk while I eat.
Mmm, Pressa is so delicious, I can feel my strength returning already!
Thank you so much! Here, take this for your hard work."

Summary Edit

BuBu Kong said that he had no strength as he was starving, and that he needed some Pressa to eat .

BuBu Kong was overjoyed when you brought him some, and rewarded you for your help.

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