Humans were created by the god Aion shortly after the beginning of the world, as one of the races that the Balaur would rule over. Their culture and society retained a strong sense of loyalty to their creator. When the Balaur began to turn tyrannical, bringing most of the Sapiens under their sway, the Humans were the only people who resisted.

As a reward for their loyalty, and in order to form a fighting force to resist the Dragon Lords, Aion began to cause some Humans to ascend as Daevas.

To this day, all Daevas are born Human, and their ascension is not assured until the moment it occurs. Daeva and Human society are closely intertwined, but there are tensions and jealousy between the two groups, born of the innate inequality of their relationship.

Players start as a Human, and then ascend to become Daeva.

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