Order: Mijou says that she will give you a mission based in the Odella Plantation.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Mau Grain Sack> (0/7)

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 5,200 XP

Optional RewardEdit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Mijou to obtain quest. Collect 7 Mau Grain Sacks located within Odella Plantation (right click the sacks located next to the huts). Return to Mijou with the sacks. Speak with Ulgorn for reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Your incursion into the Odella Plantation wasn't enough, apparently. Ulgorn asked me to organize another raid against the Mau.
If only those blasted fools had succeeded the first time. Or at least stood up for themselves like the gritty raiders they claim to be!
Now, because of their incompetence, Ulgorn is pressuring this whole camp to do something we wouldn't normally do."
1 "What needs doing?"
"The Mau are holed up in the Odella Plantation because they can farm Odella there. We've taken dome of their Odella, but now I wan to hit their food supply so they have to leave Ishalgen.
Don't just destroy it, though. Take it! Mau grain is somehow more nourishing than our grain--something to do with Aether infusing their crop.
I'm no farmer, but think about it. If we goth our hands on a food source like that, even Vanar might have the energy to do something useful."
1 "Okay take their grain."
"It's time to show the Mau and all of Ishalgen what we're made of.
Fail and you'll ruin our fearsome reputation. Succeed and we'll establish this raiding territory as ours and ours alone.
Now, get out to the Odella Plantation and steal us as much Mau Grain as you can carry."
1 "Blood for Blood, Mijou."

Intermediate DialogueEdit

"How did it go, [Player Name]?
Did you steal the Mau Grain as I asked?
I told Ulgorn you were spearheading our mission, and he'll hold you personally responsible if we lose this camp. Of course, succeed and Ulgorn will reward you handsomely, too."
1 "You wanted this grain?"
"Just look at the grain! I'm no baker, but this stuff is practically bursting with energy.
More importantly, you sent a message to the Mau. When they realize that we plundered their crops from inside their own base, the Mau will definitely think twice about invading the crossing.
Great work, [Player Name]. Now get back to Aldelle Village. Ulgorn is waiting for you."
1 "On my way."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Azephelumbra, [Player Name]. It has been too long.
I hear Mijou sent you to stop the Mau making any further incursions near Anturoon Crossing camp. That camp needs all the help it can get.
How did you fare?"
1 "Did everything asked of me, Ulgorn."
"Excellent work.
In this line of work, reputation is everything. It's what scares rivals away, and it's what keeps these lands ours to raid. By the same token, a weak reputation will invite trouble and ensure our eventual downfall.
You have made us raiders to fear, [Player Name]. Take this as your reward."


Mijou planned to deal the Mau a crippling blow after some of the raiders failed in an attempted raid on the Odella Plantation.

You stole grain sacks from the Odella Plantation, and on returning to Anturoon Crossing, Mijou told you to report the result to the boss.

Ulgorn was pleased and thanked you on behalf of all the raiders.

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