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Hikarunerk is a Shugo mate of the Black Cloud Traders in the Outer Dock. He sends you to the Steel Rake.



"Hikarunerk knows already! Daeva has come to ask for passage to the Steel Rake, yes?
Cost? Free to all foes of Steel Rake! Nasy, evil, hateful Shulacks. Makes a Shugo want to spit!
Will drop you at the stern. Then will pull back and wait at a very, very safe distance. If Daeva survives the first few moments aboard, climb up the escape anchor to safety."
1.png "Tell him you're ready to leave."
X.png "I'm not ready just yet."
"No, no, no! Daeva is not ready. Not yet. Messy death, much blood.
Captain says only Daevas who have gone before can be sent to the Steel Rake. Look, look! Does not say [Player Name] on list!
Sorry, Daeva. Hikarunerk really wants to help, but paws are bound!"
X.png "I'm sure there will be another time."