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Herelym Mine map

Herelym Mine (HM) is a solo/group instance for players of level 80 and above, introduced in 6.5. This mining complex was built by Daevas to acquire more samples of Lym Ore. However, people sent inside go missing and are never seen again.

This instance has a low difficulty and is prime source of AP (Abyss Points), Legendary Ridium <Legendary Ridium> and Ultimate Ridium <Ultimate Ridium>. It can also be soloed to maximize AP-gain.

Access Edit

Backstory Edit

The Daeva advance through Lakrum seemed to be a success, learning more about its resources. Due to the importance of Lym Ore growing as more of Ereshkigal's plans were revealed, further investigation was needed. A mining operation began to extract the purest samples of Lym Ore. However, this plan eventually backfired as the foreman and his miners went missing, and so did any other Daeva sent there to investigate.

Inside the mine, a dark presence took over; <Dark Sorcerer Bugarota>, an ore smuggler with the ability to mind control other people by turning them into undead and force them to gather the ore for his own profit. The player is sent there to reclaim the mine.

Walkthrough Edit

Despite being listed as a group instance, it can be completed with any amount of players; from one (solo) up to six (full group). Fights inside the instance are fairly straightforward and lack complex mechanics or particularly dangerous attacks.

The instance has three options in terms of pathing; Pit of Envy (allows only up to one player), Endless Fixation (allows up to two players) and Miser's Fall (allows up to three players). Rewards and difficulty also scale depending on the path chosen; the more people required, and harder and more rewarding the path will be. However, completing multiple paths within the same run will always more rewarding in the end, encouraging players to tackle the instance as a group. Highly geared players or healing classes may opt to enter by themselves and clear Miser's Fall solo to maximize AP gain, at the expense of the Ridium drops and other rewards.

Mine Entrance Edit

This is where players will spawn upon entering the instance. They will be greeted by <Ribeus> (E)/<Veradach> (A), offering the instance's quests.

From this room, each player can select the path they wish to take by simply interacting with the appropriate door. Once a player goes through, there is no going back.

Upon entering a specific mine shaft, a "Progress Bar" will appear at the top of the screen. Filling it, by completing said path, will trigger a chest to appear at the end of the instance. The limitation here is that upon starting to clear a mine shaft, a hidden timer will begin of 3 minutes. After the timer is over, all entrances to the mines are closed off. This prevents people from going back and clearing multiple paths. The downside is that all players must be within each path by then; otherwise they will be locked out from claiming the rewards at the end, wasting their entry.

Path of Envy
Herelym - PoE
Limit: 1 player
Position: Right
Endless Fixation
Herelym - EF
Limit: 2 players
Position: Left
Miser's Fall
Herelym - MF
Limit: 3 players
Position: Middle

Pit of Envy (1 player) Edit

The entrance to the Pit of Envy is exceptionally narrow. Only one person can enter.
– Pit of Envy Guard

Players will zone in and be able to read the <Pit of Envy Signboard>. This path begins as a narrow cave clustered with common-grade mobs. Some will be weaker to magical damage, while others are weaker to physical damage. If the player is lower geared it is recommended to clear a path through the mobs your class is strong again, but otherwise the difference is negligible. This path leads to the first boss room, locked behind a <Spectral Wall>.

Inside the player will have to fight both <Mine Foreman Dimo> (warrior) and <Junior Foreman Lorenta> (mage). <DimoMine Foreman Dimo> will use Aerial thrust npc <Aerial Thrust> (aerial state on the player) and Macro type 1 <Shadowdart> (a single target attack); <LorentaJunior Foreman Lorenta> will use Implosion <Danuar Crippling Cut> (single target attack) and Macro type 1 <Shadowdart> as well. Upon killing either of them, the one still alive will receive the Aion&#039;s Strength I <Bereavement>, which will heal them in intervals. The heal is rather small, making it not worth the worry.

After a few other normal mobs, the path leads to the second boss room. This one holds two named mobs as well, but these they can be pulled and defeated individually. They are <Expedition Captain Torben> (left side) and <Research Group Leader Alimas> (right side). They share their skill set; Macro type 1 <Brandish> (extremely powerful frontal AoE attack) and Warrior type <Bind Feet> (a slow). The only strategy for this is to swiftly move behind them as they cast Macro type 1 <Brandish>. It will not instantly kill the player if hit by the skill, but failing to avoid it too many times will result in death. A strategy to deal with them fast is to make them attack each other. The player must take aggro of both and hope their Macro type 1 <Brandish> attack lands on the other, causing them to switch their focus. Once either of them dies, the remaining one (with reduced HP) will switch back to the player, allowing them to finish him off.

The path then finally leads to the last boss of this section: <Vengeful Foreman GiradVengeful Foreman Girad (PoE)>. He will be constantly under the effect of Provoking Severe Blow I <Soul Prison>, increasing his defensive stats as the fight goes on. His skillset is limited to Hand of Torpor I <Gash> (induces bleeding) and Warrior type <Sweeping Attack> (heavy frontal attack), which can easily be avoided by moving behind him as he casts them.

Upon killing <Vengeful Foreman GiradVengeful Foreman Girad (PoE)>, a hidden portal leading to the Hidden Smuggling Spot will appear.

Endless Fixation (2 players) Edit

Endless Fixation is notorious for its lack of oxygen. It wouldn't be safe to have more than two people in there at a time.
– Endless Fixation Guard

Players will zone in and be able to read the <Endless Fixation Signboard>. This path, unlike others, heavily focuses on defending objects from mobs. As such, every common mob in this path will drop Bomb event <Wide-ranged Shaft Bombs>. These single use scrolls can be used on enemies, inflicting heavy damage on those around them. They will make certain sections easier. Upon failure, the objects to defend will respawn, giving players infinite attempts. However, using bombs and failing will not result in them being returned or obtained again.

The first main chamber will hold four <Cursed Lym Ore>, each on opposite corners of the room. Every ore will be attacked by two <Undead Kobold Diggers>, which will constantly cast Macro type 1 <Shock Wave> (damaging the ores and the player). Provided they manage to destroy the ore, said one will respawn and be attacked again by <Undead Kobold Diggers>. Players will not be able to progress until they manage to collect all four ores by interacting with them. Not collecting them will also force more of them to spawn. Their HP is low, therefore the group of two can just split and deal with them separately. Ideally, no bombs should be used here.

Once the path opens, players will have to go through more common mobs, allowing them to acquire more Bomb event <Wide-ranged Shaft Bombs>. After cracking open the <Thick Spectral Wall> blocking the way, the second chamber is triggered.

In this section, players will have to defend a <Pristine Lym Deposit>. There will always be four <Lym Mine Klaws> attacking it (being replaced as they get killed). They will come in waves. Each one will never come until the previous one is completely exterminated. But in order to pass to the following one, a certain number of <Lym Mine Klaws> must be killed. The main difficulty comes from <Lym Mine Klaw Soldiers>, who instead of focusing on the ore, will focus on the player. Their attacks are rather powerful.

The final waves can become extremely overwhelming unless the player is a dedicated healer or fast DPSer that deals with the needed <Lym Mine Klaws> in time. In later waves, there can be up to four <Lym Mine Klaw Soldiers> attacking a player, which can easily drain their HP. This is the best section to use the owned Bomb event <Wide-ranged Shaft Bombs> on. Upon the <Pristine Lym Deposit> getting destroyed, it will respawn and waves will start all the way from the beginning. Successfully defending it will despawn all mobs and unblock the way. Healing classes can extend the pile of ore's HP by targeting it and using a single target heal.

The last <Thick Spectral Wall> will signal the last chamber of this path, with <Vengeful Foreman GiradVengeful Foreman Girad (EF)> standing in the middle and another <Pristine Lym Deposit> on the back. The ore will be attacked by four <Lym Mine Klaw Devourers> (which will respawn each time), and failing to protect it will cause the <Vengeful Foreman GiradVengeful Foreman Girad (EF)> to reset. This encounter is a combination of tower defence and a proper boss battle. In order to succeed, players must defeat the boss.

<Vengeful Foreman GiradVengeful Foreman Girad (EF)> will be under the effect of Provoking Severe Blow I <Soul Prison>, boosting its defences as the fight goes on. Its attacks include Infernal Pain I <Bafflement> (creating circles on the ground, inducing a confused state on those who stand on them) and Warrior type <Exploit MP> (draining the target's MP). The strategy is to move away from the boss as it casts Infernal Pain I <Bafflement>, and preventing the <Lym Mine Klaw Devourers> away from the ore (by killing them or kiting them around). Just like the previous room, healers can recover the HP of the ore, making it unnecessary to engage in combat with the Klaws.

Upon killing <Vengeful Foreman GiradVengeful Foreman Girad (EF)>, a hidden portal leading to the Hidden Smuggling Spot will appear.

Miser's Fall (3 players) Edit

Miser's Fall is rife with pitfalls and unsteady ground. You wont want any more than three people mucking around in there.
– Miser's Fall Guard

Players will zone in and be able to read the <Miser's Fall Signboard>. This path starts off with a couple of spirit and Klaw mobs, leading to a <Shaft Safety Fence>, which blocks off the first boss room.

The <Huge Lym Mine Klaw Queen> is a fairly simple fight. Every few seconds, she will summon insect eggs, which after a few seconds will hatch and spawn additional small Klaws. While soloing, these can potentially overwhelm the player. They can try destroying the eggs before they hatch or kite them as they spawn. Healing classes should not have too much trouble. While new Klaws will infinitely spawn, older ones will despawn after a while. If the <Huge Lym Mine Klaw Queen> is killed, the way opens and the small Klaws will despawn afterwards.

The main path leads to an enclosed room with three <Lym Mine Oculazen> along with other three <Brainwashed Lym Looters>. This room can be tricky. Once aggroed, the <Lym Mine Oculazen> will begin sounding an alarm, despawn and spawn more mobs in their place. The best way is to focus the <Lym Mine Oculazen> instantly or CCing them. If the player lacks the burst to rid them, they may kite all mobs back and forth (as long as they have properly cleared the path), and taking them out one by one.

After some other mobs, the way will be blocked off by a simple ultimate-grade mob, <Brainwashed Lym Gangleader>, which will allow the players to proceed to the final room of this path.

This version of <Vengeful Foreman GiradVengeful Foreman Girad (MF)> will have a bigger variety of abilities. Just like others, his defensive stats will increase overtime because of Provoking Severe Blow I <Soul Prison>. During the first quarter of the encounter, he will stick to Hand of Torpor I <Gash> (inducing bleeding), Warrior type <Sweeping Attack> (frontal AoE) and Reflect <Essence of Madness> (attacking him during this buff will grant him an invulnerability shield for some seconds). Through the second quarter, he will change radically. He will instead make use of Infernal Pain I <Bafflement> (inducing a confused state on those standing within the circles created), Warrior type <Exploit MP> (draining a target's MP), Infernal Pain I <Phobia> (frontal AoE that causes a fear state) and Vitality Drain <Vitality Drain> (recovering HP based on damage dealt those within range).

The third and final quarter will be a mix of all previous skills as well as new ones, such as Macro type 1 <Strong Brandish> (heavy hitting frontal AoE) and Hand of Torpor I <Ruthless Fang> (a frontal AoE that pulls and induces bleeding, instantly followed up by Infernal Pain I <Phobia>). Almost his entire skill set can be evaded by simply sprinting behind him as he casts a skill. The only exception to this is Infernal Pain I <Bafflement>, requiring the group to move away from their position.

Upon killing <Vengeful Foreman GiradVengeful Foreman Girad (MF)>, a hidden portal leading to the Hidden Smuggling Spot will appear.

Hidden Smuggling Spot Edit

This is where all three paths meet. players will zone in within a chamber with five <Undead Kobold Smugglers>. They will not attack back and will reward Ap 4,000 Abyss Points each when killed (split among all group members). The following chamber holds the last boss of the instance; <Dark Sorcerer Bugarota>. He will auto attack from range, but will not use any skills. Rewards can be acquired from looting him after being killed as well as additional chests depending on what paths have been completed.

Quests Edit


Rewards Edit

Upon killing <Dark Sorcerer Bugarota>, the last boss of the instance, they may loot his corpse for rewards.

For every path completed, an additional chest will spawn at the end, holding its respective loot. If more than one shaft has been completed, a fourth possible chest will spawn dropping even more Ultimate Ridium <Ultimate Ridium>.

Path Box Contents
Pit of Envy <Secret Box of Envy>
Endless Fixation <Secret Box of Fixation>
Miser's Fall <Secret Box of Miser's Fall>

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first group instance to also allow entry to solo players, as well as cater to them.
  • The instance is referred to as "idf7_mine" in files.

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