Herbs are gathered and used in either Alchemy or Cooking. These plants can be refined to add either health or mana or both to items that are made.

List of Herbs Edit

Name Level Locations Race
Azpha <Azpha> 1 Ishalgen, Altgard Asmodian
Fresh Azpha <Fresh Azpha> 1 Altgard Asmodian
Azpha <Aria> 1 Poeta, Verteron Elyos
Fresh Azpha Fresh Aria 1 Verteron Elyos
Kandula Targena 45 Verteron Elyos
Fresh Kandula Fresh Targena 45 Verteron Elyos
Kandula <Kandula> 45 Altgard Asmodian
Fresh Kandula <Fresh Kandula> 45 Altgard Asmodian
Theonia Lumesia 105 Eltnen, Theobomos
Fresh Theonia Fresh Lumesia 105 Eltnen, Theobomos
Theonia <Theonia> 130 Morheim, Beluslan
Fresh Theonia Fresh Theonia 130 Morheim, Beluslan
Hasia Umblia 170 Eltnen
Fresh Hasia Fresh Umblia 170 Eltnen
Hasia Hasia 170 Morheim, Beluslan Asmodian
Fresh Hasia Fresh Hasia 170 Morheim, Beluslan Asmodian
Neunan Neunan 220 Morheim, Beluslan Asmodian
Fresh Neunan Fresh Neunan 220 Morheim, Beluslan Asmodian
Plia <Healing Root> 220 Various
Neunan Nepeta 225 Eltnen, Heiron Elyos
Fresh Neunan Fresh Nepeta 225 Eltnen, Heiron Elyos
Calamot Amalil 270 Heiron, Theobomos Elyos
Fresh Calamot Fresh Amalil 270 Heiron, Theobomos Elyos
Calamot <Calamot> 270 Morheim, Beluslan Asmodian
Fresh Calamot Fresh Calamot 270 Morheim, Beluslan Asmodian
Azpha <Subella> 305 Beluslan, Brusthonin Asmodian
Fresh Azpha Fresh Subella 305 Beluslan, Brusthonin Asmodian
Azpha Ferilla 310 Heiron, Theobomos Elyos
Fresh Azpha Fresh Ferilla 310 Heiron, Theobomos Elyos
Kandula Griffonia 365 Heiron, Theobomos Elyos
Fresh Kandula Fresh Griffonia 365 Heiron, Theobomos Elyos
Kandula <Grobule> 365 Beluslan, Brusthonin Asmodian
Fresh Kandula Fresh Grobule 365 Beluslan, Brusthonin Asmodian
Carrot Sniron's Memento 365 Heiron, Theobomos, Beluslan, Brusthonin Asmodian
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