Kales could not leave his farm unattended. so he asked you to bring his grain sack to Uno, the cook in Akarios Village.

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Talk to Kales to receive this quest. You will receive a sack of grain in your inventory to deliver to the local food merchant in Akarios Village. Deliver the grain to Uno whom is located by the merchants in the village. Receive reward.

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Initial Dialogue Edit

"Hey, [Player Name]! I have another favor to ask...
Those Snufflers and Kerubs nearly wiped out my entire crop. Things are under control now, but I'm worried that if I leave my plot, they'll do even more damage."
1 "What can I do to help?"
"I need someone to take what grain I could recover up to the village. I've already struck a deal with Uno, the village cook, so you needn't worry about selling the goods.
It's just up the road, and I'm sure you have other work that'll take you there anyway. I need to trade the grain for enough food to survive."

Accept Edit

"Oh thank you. [Player Name]! I knew I could count on you.
Just take the grain to Uno. He'll be expecting you."
X "You can rely on me."

Decline Edit

"You won't help? I guess I'll have to risk the trip myself, and hope the Kerubs and Snufflers don't take everything else I have.
I thought you might have been looking to make a good first impression, but clearly I was wrong."
X "Sorry, I'm just too busy right now."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Hello there, brave [Player Class]! Tell me, would you like to buy one of my strawberry pies? You won't find another like it anywhere!"
1 "I have an urgent delivery!"'
"Ah, this must be the grain from Kales, am I right?
I've been worried about him. He hasn't been up here for a while now. He must be just about out of food!
Don't worry [Player Name]--we'll make sure he gets what he needs to survive. And I'll tell him you said hello. Now, about those pies..."


Kales was on the verge of starvation, and he asked you to take a sack of grain to the village cook Uno for barter.

You brought the grain to Uno.

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