Jeckrow was lacking both kitchen staff and food. Thus, you need to collect Conides in Altgard, make Roast Conides in the Temple of Artisans in Pandaemonium, and deliver the dish to him.

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Objectives Edit

<Roast Conide> (0/2)

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Talk with Jeckrow to obtain quest. Collect Conides near the Altgard Fortress. Go to Temple of Artisans in Pandaemonium and cook up 2 Roasted Conides. Return the finished food to Jeckrow and receive reward. Alternatively, players can purchase Conides from the Broker.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Whoa! Business is booming! Soon I'll even stock Odella Liquor.
Hey! Player Class]! Good buddy! Loyal patron of the Apellbine! Friend of mine! Can I ask you a favor?"
1 "What sort of favor?"
"I'm snowed under with customers--which is good, obviously--but I don't have enough help! What am I supposed to say to the customers? "Sorry, no grub at the famous Apellbine Tavern because Daevas consider cooking beneath them.
Is there a chance, any chance, you could rustle up some Conides and roast a batch for this hungry crew? If you can I'll make it well worth your time."

Accept Edit

"Terrific! Roast Conide is an Asmodian favorite...and it keeps the customers thirsty. And not only don't I have staff to cook it, I'm out of the primary ingredients.
There are plenty of Conides in Altgard. You'll need salt. You can use the Kitchen in the Temple of Artisans. Just don't get on Lainita's bad side...she'll pluck you, stuff you, and roast you...possibly in that order."
X "Keep my chair warm."

Decline Edit

"Oh, come on! I'm not asking much, and I'll pay you well!
Isn't this place like a second home to you? Don't you want to help out your friends?"
X "I'll think about it."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You're back! I've been going crazy waiting for you.
Did you make Roast Conides? Please say yes. I'm swamped with orders!
Just set it down on the bar there."
1 "Yes. I have them here."

Failed Item Check Edit

"Aaaargh! What part of cooking the food and bringing it here didn't you understand? Are you trying to sabotage my business? Opening up a place of your own, is that it?
Please...just dig them up, roast them, and bring them here before my customers eat me alive."
X "My mistake."

Successful Item Check Edit

"Oh, you've saved my life. Everyone's drinking to Lord Azphel's health, and the story goes he likes a good Roast Conide, so suddenly everyone wants it.
Take this for your trouble. I doubt anyone's ever paid so high a price for Roast Conide, but you've earned it."

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Saying that he was short-handed, Jeckrow asked you to make some food.

You cooked up some Roast Conides and brought them to him. He thanked and rewarded you.

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