Offensive chain spell mainly used by clerics.


Infernal Blaze I <Infernal Blaze I> 7 White Skillbook <Infernal Blaze I>
Infernal Blaze II <Infernal Blaze II> 22 22px Infernal Blaze II (skillbook)
Infernal Blaze III <Infernal Blaze III> 34 22px Infernal Blaze III (skillbook)
Infernal Blaze IV <Infernal Blaze IV> 44 22px Infernal Blaze IV (skillbook)
Infernal Blaze V <Infernal Blaze V> 56 22px Infernal Blaze V (skillbook)

Chains Edit

Lightning of ChastisementHeaven's JudgementDivine TouchLightningofchastisementchain

Lightning of Divine SlashHeaven's JudgementDivine TouchLightningofdivineslashchain

Hallowed StrikeHeaven's JudgementDivine TouchSonic SwingSonic RushSonic AssaultHallowedstrikechain

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