Health, or Hit Points (HP), is one of the 8 core attributes, used to denote the life level for all creatures and is represented by a red bar beside the character or target's portrait. Hit points are the numerical value representing the amount of damage a player or NPC can take before their demise. When a character or NPC's health becomes zero, they are dead.

Characters have an innate replenishment rate for both health and mana. The rate at which these two stats replenish is slow out of combat, and health regeneration during combat is almost non-existent. However, some health can be replenished instantly during combat using healing potions from alchemists or vendors. Health can also be replenished during battles via the curing spells of Chanters or Clerics. Out of combat, health regeneration can be increased somewhat by sitting down to rest or increased significantly by using Bandage Heal or Herb Treatment.

The maximum amount of health is determined by a combination of the player's Base health (determined by class and level) and their equipment (both dropped and player-crafted), which can have +HP stats. Some equipment items can be socketed to give additional increases to health. Certain foods and buffs will also affect health levels for a short period of time.

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