You came across a Headless Stone Statue while on your way to Zumion Canyon. Find its head.

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Headless Stone Statue location

Location of the statue's head.

The head is very close to the statue in a pool below the foot bridge. You can use the fallen column to traverse back onto the path again.

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Headless Stone Statue
(An air of mystery hovers around the ancient stone statue. The cold surface bears the scars of history.)
(You sense a strange sadness in its silence.)
1 "This statue, it feels...."
(As your hand presses against it, the statue begins to tremble.)
1 "Strange...I wonder...?"
(Having examined the rest of the statue, you look up and realize that its head is missing.)
(With your eyes on its sundered neck, the statue once again shakes, this time more violently. You sense frustration.)

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(Warmth emanates from the statue, currents of gratitude pouring from the cracks in its surface.)
X "I'll try to restore you."

Decline Edit

(An icy chill fills the air around you, and the statue resolves into an almost imperceptibly harder, darker hue.)
X "Hmm, I wonder what that's all about?"

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Headless Stone Statue
(The statue shakes with excitement as flecks of dust and stone fall from it. You feel compelled to replace its head.)
1 "Here, I think this head belongs to you."

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You found a Headless Stone Statue while on your way to Zumion Canyon.

The statue looked as if it had a tale of its own, so you touched it and it began to shake. It seemed to want something from you.

You found the head and placed it on the statue.

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