Harvest Tripeeds and bring them to Tekor, whose back was injured.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Harvest Tripeed Fruit and bring them to <Tekor>.
<Tripeed Fruit> (0/10)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, go to the Tripeed Farm area in the Village during the day, and harvest the tripeed. Return to Tekor to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Ouch, my back! Ouuugh.
Lifting those heavy fertilizer bags put out my back. I can't move a step without yelling in pain!
The Tripeed fruit crop's ripe and I can't move at all! This is disastrous."
1 "Surely your neighbors...."
"Ah, you don't know, do you? Nobody dares to help me while Balom watches me like a hawk. If anyone tried, he would lose his temper. He wants my farm to fail.
Would you help me, [Player Name]? I just need to harvest my Tripeeds!
You aren't a resident. Balom can't touch you. Please help me."

Accept Edit

"Oh, sacred night! Thank you very much. I was about to lose my Tripeed farm.
All you've got to do is harvest my Tripeed Fruit.
I'm counting on you!"
X "Rest, old-timer."

Decline Edit

"Oh no! Oh, what am I to do?
If I don't pick by tomorrow, my crop will rot! I'll have no funds for next year's planting! I'll have to sell m--my farm to B--Balom....
Won't you..."
X "I'm a soldier. Not my problem."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Did you bring the Tripeed Fruit?
The yields were high, I think. This year I tried a new farming method to cultivate.
How do they look?"
1 "You tell me."

Failed Item Check Edit

"You haven't gone? Listen: Timing is vital in cultivation!
Any farmer knows you've got to plant and pick at the right moment.
If you wait any longer all my effort was in vain! Please go! Please?"
X "Sorry, I didn't know!"

Successful Item Check Edit

"Ahh, these fruit have beautiful color! And the size of them! That new farming method did the trick, hahaha!
This bounty makes me so happy! Such a load off my shoulders I can't even feel my back!
[Player Name], you saved my farm."

Summary Edit

Tekor was laid out by a back injury at the height of harvest. He asked you to pick his Tripeeds.

You went to his farm and harvested the Tripeed Fruit, saving him and his farm.

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