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Haramel is a solo instance for characters of level 6 and above, and is the first instance players will encounter in Aion. There is no entrance prerequisite, but players cannot not be in a Group or Alliance. After the 6.0 update it can be accessed from new areas that have opened up within the Kabarah Strip Mine in Poeta (Elyos) and the Odella Plantation in Ishalgen (Asmodians).

The instance is filled with normal mobs and is designed to introduce players to Aion's instances. At the end of the run the player will be level 9, and thus eligible for Ascension.

Walkthrough Edit


Map of Haramel.

Once you enter Haramel, you will meet <Moorilerk>, a Shugo who offers more information about the instance, and the set of a series of quests. The first area you come to is the Odium Refinery where you find Kobolds busy working on Odium. You can find the first of three treasure boxes in the Odium Strip Mine area - a tunnel to the side of the refinery. After completing the quests, be sure to kill <Drudgelord Kakiti> for some good loot opportunities.

The next area you encounter is Haramel Tower, a huge cavern-like area with a tower in the center. Just before you enter the tower area, you will find <Moofrenerk> who offers more quests. Interact with the lift elevator ahead to be transported down, and make your way to the Odella Processing Plant. You can complete some quests there, and kill <MuMu Ham the Grey>, the mad scientist. A second treasure box can be found near the Huge Cauldron.

Carrying on through the instance you will come to the Odella Nursery, where busy little MuMu workers produce Odella. At the end of the area is the Haramel Skylift. <Gestanerk> is right there to turn-in quests. Before you take the elevator, check the waterfall area for the third treasure box.

Up the elevator, then you walk along a bridge to get to Hamerun's Office. The last two named npc's are here - <Bossman Nukiti> and <Hamerun the Bleeder>. When you kill Hamerun he will drop a special Antique Treasure Chest and the exit gate will appear so that you can leave the instance.

Aion - Solo Instance - Haramel

Aion - Solo Instance - Haramel

Guide to Haramel

Quests Edit

NameRegionStart NPC
Tango quest icon <Destroy the Haramel Facilities> [19]Heart of Impetusium<Gulkalla>
Tango quest icon <Follow the Leaders--and Kill 'em> [20]Heart of Impetusium<Gulkalla>
Tango quest icon <Guess Who> [18]Haramel<Moofrenerk>
Tango quest icon <Hammertime> [19]Haramel<Gestanerk>
Tango quest icon <Odella for Chauminerk> [18]Haramel<Moofrenerk>
Tango quest icon <Odella, Odella, Where Art Thou?> [18]Altgard Fortress<Morn>
Tango quest icon <Overseers Under Attack> [19]Heart of Impetusium<Lateni>
Tango quest icon <Securing Moofrenerk's Retreat> [19]Haramel<Moorilerk>
Tango quest icon <The Price of Loyalty> [18]Odium Refinery<Moorilerk>
Tango quest icon <The Soup? Nutsy!> [18]Haramel<Moorilerk>
Tango quest icon <What is Inside the Box?> [18]Haramel<Moofrenerk>
NameRegionStart NPC
Tango quest icon <Shugo Indemnity> [18]Haramel<Moorilerk>
Tango quest icon <The Third Shugo> [18]Haramel<Moofrenerk>
Tango quest icon <The Big Boss> [19]Haramel<Gestanerk>
Tango key quest icon <Big Kinah> [18]Verteron Citadel<Alisdair>
Tango quest icon <The Maltese Odium> [19]HaramelGauinerk
Tango quest icon <Out of the Past> [19]Haramel<Moorilerk>
Tango quest icon <This Shugo for Hire> [18]Haramel<Moofrenerk>
Tango quest icon <A Touch of Odium> [20]Cantas Coast<Zephyros>
Tango quest icon <A Handshake Deal> [19]Haramel<Moorilerk>
Tango quest icon <The Big Sleep> [19]Cantas Coast<Notos>
Tango quest icon <Murder, My Shugo> [19]Cantas Coast<Zephyros>

Unique Drops Edit

<Bossman Nukiti>Green Mace type 1 <Nukiti's Hammer>
Gold Belt type 2 <Kobold's Big Belt>
Gold Belt type 2 <Thick Belt of Kobold>
<MuMu Ham the Grey>Green Sword type 1 <MuMu Ham's Odella Flower Sword>
Blue Ring type 1 <Hamerun's Crystal Ring>
Blue Ring type 1 <Hamerun's Jewel Ring>
<Drudgelord Kakiti>Green Greatsword type 1 <Kakiti's Big Club>
Blue Necklace type 1 <Hamerun's Crystal Necklace>
Blue Necklace type 1 <Hamerun's Jewel Necklace>
<Antique Treasure Chest>Green Gloves <Haramel's Gloves>
Green Shoes <Haramel's Shoes>
Green Boots <Haramel's Boots>
Green Handguards <Haramel's Handguards>
Green Brogans <Haramel's Brogans>
Green Gauntlets <Haramel's Gauntlets>
Green Sabatons <Haramel's Sabatons>
White Earring type 1 <Hamerun's Crystal Earrings>
White Earring type 1 <Hamerun's Jewel Earrings>
<Severely Rusted Box>Green Staff type 1 <Dukaki Peon's Shovel>

Trivia Edit

  • Haramel originally was a solo instance for players of level 16 and above, with access points in Impetusium in Altgard (Asmodians) and Cantas Coast in Verteron (Elyos). In the 6.0 update its entrances were relocated to their present locations, following the destruction of the aforementioned regions. Difficulty and monster levels were also adjusted.


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