Handicrafting bench

Handicrafting is the catch-all for woodworking and tinkering crafts turning gemstones and logs into useful, beautiful and deadly items. Handicrafted items include rings and other jewellery, bows, staves and harps.

Recommended Classes: Scouts, Priests and Muses.

Learning Handicrafting Edit

Like all professions in Aion, you learn handicrafting from a Handicrafting Master. Talk to <Lanse> (in Pandaemonium) or <Utsida> (in Sanctum) and pay the 3,500 Kinah fee to acquire the basic level of skill. Start out with the work orders to increase your crafting skill. Alternatively, you can craft items which produce needed or sell-able items and also increase crafting levels. As with all crafts, you must talk to the Handicrafting Master to learn higher levels.

Work Orders Edit

Handicrafting work orders typically require the repair of staves and bows as well as wooden supplies.

Main article: Handicrafting work orders

Designs Edit

Handicrafting designs teaches players to create bows, staves, harps as well as crafting jewellery with many of Atreia's precious gems. Balic designs also allow the use of Balaur materials in these crafts.

Main article: Handicrafting designs

Noble Handicrafting Edit

When crafting jewelry or weapons, there is a random chance that the item will proc to a noble version. Noble items have better overall statistics and usually more manastones sockets than the typical output.

Gatherable Materials for Handicrafting Edit

A handicrafter will want to increase their Essencetapping skill level to be able to gather the materials needed for crafting. To craft weapons, logs need to be gathered. For Jewelry, metals and gems are required.

Tecoma Log (30p) Betua Log (30p)
Silver (35p)
Rose Quartz (40p)
Crystal (60p)
Amethyst (80p)
Wrud Log (110p) Koa Log (140p)
Topaz (145p)
Aquamarine (155p)
Gold (160p)
Zircon (185p)
Platinum (210p)
Garnet (215p)
Lazuli (245p)
Salix Log (250p) Ulmus Log (250p)
Moonstone (280p)
Ruby (315p)
Mithril (320p)
Asvata Log (340p) Egrasi Log (345p)
Sapphire (350p)
Diamond (380p)
Expert / Master
Korie Log (410p) Nanyu Log (480p)
Turquoise (420p)
Corundum (450p)
Malevite (460p)
Elatrite (495p)
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