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Hamerun the Bleeder

Hamerun the Bleeder is the Ruler of Haramel. He rules over Kobolds and Skurvs using the ability of handling Sapiens that he stole from <Gestanerk>. He is the first instance boss the player fights in the game.



  • Ability Drain (NPC)
  • Ferocious Strike I (NPC)
  • Hamerun's Hypnosis (NPC)


When Hamerun is at 50% health, he will spawn one or two adds: <Brainwashed MuMu Fighter> or <Brainwashed Fighter>. Hamerun has a shield up when the adds spawn and stops attacking you, so switch to target the adds instead. You can usually kill at least one. When Hamerun begins to attack again, target him. Before he dies, a cutscene will show you that he flees from Haramel and leaves an Antique Treasure Chest behind.


Involved in


  • After the events in Haramel Hamerun fled to the remote island of Theobomos. He killed <Gestanerk> and took over his ability to control lesser sapiens, which he then used to fortify himself behind an army of Kerubi. He tries to frame the local Daevas and humans as culprits behind the assassination of several Shugos, but the Elyos player discovers his plot and manages to track down and defeat Hamerun once and for all, barely circumventing an armed riot.
  • He also appeared as an illusion in the Crucible Challenge instance: <Hamerun Leechsoul>.
  • In the 5.5 update he appeared as an obtainable minion: Hamerun (M) <HamerunHamerun (M)>. After the 6.0 update he is also available as a player transformation.