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Guard Captain Rohuka

Guard Captain Rohuka is one of <Brigade General Sheba'sBrigade General Sheba> bodyguards stationed to Sauro Supply Base. He is the first boss of the instance and is required to open the way into the Defiled Danuar Temple.

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Strategy Edit

This assassin boss is simple. His skill set includes a variety of attacks, his most threatening combo being Poisoning (NPC) <Wrathful Venom Burst> (poisoning nearby targets) and Macro type 1 <Virulence> (inflicting additional damage to poisoned target). After 50% HP, he will gain the Word of Wind I <Blessing of Blood> buff, boosting his offensive attributes.

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Drops Edit

  • Sauren eternal set
  • Sauro Guard's fabled weapons
  • Crafting Materials

Trivia Edit

  • His in-game description states that reaching his current rank is mostly thanks to <ShebaBrigade General Sheba>. This potentially implies Sheba wished her protectorate to only include Balaur she trusted.

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