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Guard Captain Ahuradim

Guard Captain Ahuradim is one of <Brigade General Sheba'sBrigade General Sheba> officers protecting Sauro Supply Base, acting as the weaker version of the instance's final boss. He can only be fought if one Gold key <Danuar Omphanium Key> is used on the <Hidden Passage>.

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As the group enters to fight Guard Captain Ahuradim, he will be surrounded by three Protective Shield Generators, immune to any damage. They will be crucial later on the fight. This boss deals huge amounts of damage at once, relying mostly on AoEs. As such, it is best to let the tanking player be the only person near him. Weaker classes may be easily overwhelmed by the damage he dishes.

Through the entire fight, he will use attacks such as Macro type 1 <Hammering Blow> (single target attack), Macro type 1 <Pummeling Blow> (short range AoE), Ferocious Strike III <Pounding Blow> (short range AoE). He will also occasionally pull the group with Boostwing (NPC) <Crushing Waves>, requiring them to quickly retreat, as well as stunning nearby targets with Stun altered state <Roar> (leaving them vulnerable to attacks). His most punishing move is however when he gains the Emergency Shield <Aetheric Field (skill)> shield from the Protective Shield Generators. He will be invulnerable to damage, and can only be broken by destroying the appropriate generator (it will produce dialogue above it, it will be targeting the boss and it will no longer be immune to damage). If the group is not paying attention to them, they will lose precious time.

Other particularly menacing abilities happen every 25% of HP. He will gain the Anger Explosion (npc) <Iron Guardian> buff, drastically increasing his offensive power, and follow with a dangerous attack. If targeted, certain classes may not survive it or the skill after that. He will either use Macro type 1 <Steely Blow> (an extremely strong single target attack) or Winged Guardian <Chaotic Explosion> (damaging AoE which will also induce a stumbled state).

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