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Gretel the Mischievous

Gretel is Hansel's sister. With her brother, they got their porguses stolen by the Kobolds in Kumuki Cave. Devastated, she is seeking help to retrieve them.

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"Daeva, you have to help me. *sniff*
When I was herding the Proguses with Hansel we got bored and started joking around on the way into the forest.
While we were distracted, the Kumukis appeared and srole our Porguses! Even our most prized Porgus, Poppy!
Hansel followed them. Please help him to get our Porguses back.
If you ride the carriage, it will take you to Hansel."
X "I'm on my way."
"Daeva, it's not too late yet!
I found another way to get to the Kumuki Base. Please hurry.
When you're ready, I'll send you off on your way."
1 "Let's go."
X "Not today."

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