Greater Supplements (Mythic)
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Untradable, Unstorable in Account Warehouse, Unable to store in the Legion Warehouse, Cannot be Brokered
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A supplement that greatly increases the success rate of enchantments and socketing. Suitable for Mythic Grade items.

Greater Supplements (Mythic) is a supplement that can be used alongside an enchantment stone or during manastone socketing to greatly increase the success rate of the enchantment or socketing. It can be used for Mythic class items and grants a 15% increase in success rate. The amount of supplements required for this bonus to take effect depends on the item's enchantment level or the quality of the manastone that one tries to socket.

Although supplements can be used for any manastone, it should be noted that they can only be used for enchantment during the "regular" enchantment levels. Once an item reaches its maximum enchantment level (and thus becomes amplified), it is no longer possible to use supplements on this item for enchantment purposes (it is still possible to use them for manastone socketing).

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Uses Edit

  • Increases the chances of successfully enchanting or socketing equipment (15%)

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