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Greater Stigma Stones are powerful stigmas that hold unique skills. In order to use Greater Stigma Stones, a player must have the prerequisite stigma stones equipped. These stones must be purchased with Abyss Points from Contribution Merchants.

Stigma Tree Edit

The stigma tree can be found by opening the Profile tab (default 'P') and clicking on the Greater Stigma button in the Stigma tab. The stigma tree shows which stigmas are needed as prerequisites for Greater Stigmas.

Unlocking Greater Stigma Slots Edit

Greater Stigma Slots become available at level 45. Players must complete quests in order to unlock them. All quests require the collection of quest items and typically require entrance into instances or areas requiring a group. Two slots are available at level 45 and one each at levels 50, 52 and 55. Normal Stigma Stones can be placed in Greater Stigma Slots, but Greater Stigma Stones can only be placed in Greater Stigma slots.

Asmodian Quests
45Tango key quest icon <[Group] The Shulack's Stigma> [45]
Tango quest icon <[Group] A Booklet on Stigma> [45]
50Tango key quest icon <[Group] Secret of the Greater Stigma> [50]
52Tango key quest icon <Stigma Expansion> [52]
55Tango key quest icon <Test Subject One> [55]
Elyos Quests
45Tango quest icon [Group] The Shattered Stigma [?]
Tango quest icon <> []
50Tango quest icon [Group] Stop the Shulaks! [?]
52Tango quest icon Taloc's Heart Full of Soul [?]
55Tango quest icon [Group] Stigmas and Scars [?]

Alternatively, for the Level 45 and 50 quests, players can collect <Groggie> with daily quests and exchange them for the required items to complete the quests. Tango quest icon <Flower Power> [45] (Asmodian) or Tango quest icon The Sanctum Shulackwalk [?] (Elyos) reward 20 Groggies for completion. It is possible to complete these stigma quests without going into any instances.

Greater Stigma Merchants Edit

Greater stigmas are not purchased from the Stigma Tuners like normal stigmas are. Instead, players much purchase greater stigmas with AP.

LocationNPCsStigma Levels
Capitol Building, Pandaemonium <Giles> (Combat)
<Sinamara> (Magic)
Primum Fortress, Reshanta Sirr (Combat)
Warberg (Magic)
Convent of Marchutan <Rodrigo> (Combat)
<Imever> (Magic)
Gelkmaros Fortress, Gelkmaros <Kjaeros> (Combat)
<Camila> (Magic)
LocationNPCsStigma Levels
Protectors Hall, Sanctum Ocarino (Combat)
Telephus (Magic)
Teminon Fortress, Reshanta Teucer (Combat)
Monitan (Magic)
Cloister of Kaisinel Papinius (Combat)
Ecocia (Magic)
Inggison Fortress, Inggison Unknown (Combat)
Unknown (Magic)
Stigma costs in AP by level and rarity
Superior Heroic Fabled
45 13,750 Abyss Points 50 38,700 Abyss Points 55 152,700 Abyss Points
48 26,500 Abyss Points 52 78,800 Abyss Points ---
51 34,500 Abyss Points 53 85,800 Abyss Points ---
54 45,700 Abyss Points 55 101,800 Abyss Points ---

Equipping Greater Stigmas Edit

Stigma Panel full

The Stigma Panel in Profile. The greater stigma slots are the 6 slots on the right.

Greater Stigmas are equipped in the same manner as normal ones are. The only differences is that Greater Stigmas must be placed in one of the 6 slots to the right of the Stigma panel and that all prerequisite stigmas must be slotted first. (It is possible to slot a regular stigma into any of these slots.)

Removal of stigmas that are prerequisites for Greater Stigmas require the removal of the Greater Stigma first. If a player attempts to remove a prerequisite stigma before removing the stigma that depends on it, a system message appears on screen and in the chat log explaining why it can't be removed.

Prerequisite removal error

More information about equipping and removing stigmas can be found on the Stigma Stone page.

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