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Graviwing is one of <Tiamat>'s four Incarnations located in Gravity's Realm. While Tiamat is being fought with in Dragon Lord's Refuge, the player must take all four of them down in other to weaken her and ultimately put an end to her life.

History Edit

When Tiamat established in Tiamaranta, she decided her castle would be impenetrable. As a result, she separated her power into four parts which would manifest as an alter ego of herself. Each of it would act as a power supply distributor to the field protecting her fortress.

As the Daeva-Reian force successfully takes down these incarnations in Tiamaranta, the shield weakened, finally allowing the assaults on Tiamaranta's Eye to strike.

With Tiamat cornered in her throne room, she is eventually confronted by an unprepared <Kahrun> and Daevas. After easily swiping the Reian elder out, the fierce confrontation begins. Even if her Incarnations were slain Tiamaranta, she immediately summons them again when the Empyrean Lord comes in to aid the Daevas. With her four alter egos empowering her, she is strong enough to dispose of the Lord in a matter of time. Daevas must swiftly traverse to the four different realms and get Tiamat's power cut off.

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The objective in this phase is defeating the four of them before the Empyrean Lord is defeated. Each Incarnation stays on a separated realm which can be accessed through special portals on the four corners of the throne room. Most players choose to split into two groups; each of them killing two.

Each Incarnate has its own skill-set and elemental damage, however they do not usually present a major threat. All of them share certain skills; Bloody Recharge <Incarnate Surge>, which will deal damage and knockdown nearby targets, NPC spiralarrow g1 <Bite>, which will inflict damage on a target and knock it down, and Macro type 1 <Smash>, a single target attack.

Graviwing (Gravity Incarnate - South-West portal): Deals Wind Damage, will put enemies in aether hold state and paralyse them.

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