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<Polinia> the priest told Mires that the mercenaries would receive their reward only if he retrieved the grain sacks from the Kerub dens in Akarios Plains.

Quest Information[]


  • Bring Kerub Grain Sacks to <Mires>.
<Kerub Grain Sack> (0/3)

Basic Reward[]


Find 3 Kerub Grain Sacks from nearby Kerubim den. Right click on each sack to start the gathering process. Once collected return to Mires with the sacks to finish the quest and receive reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"We've knocked the Kerubs down a few notches, but a lot of the grain that had already been harvested has gone missing.
The Kerubs are stealing it, [Player Name]. It seems the're not quite as stupid as they look.
The villagers aneed it back. They're facing a tough harvest as it is. They have to gather enough crops for their own stocks on top of the Tribute to Elysea they need to send to Sanctum."
1.png "So you want me to recover the grain?"
"Yes, exactly.
Polinia the one who hired us, is threatening to withhold payment until the sacks are returned to the villagers. I don't know where she learned smarts like that, but it certainly wasn't priest school.
Can you help? I know you just fought those Kerubs, but the faster we get those sacks back, the faster we get paid."


Gather up three Kerub Grain Sacks from the Kerub dens around here. There's one up on that hill--might be a good place to start.
If you don't see any there, there are other dens nearby.
Hurry, [Player Name]--they need grain in Sanctum pretty urgently."
X.png "I'll go as quickly as I can!"


"I see.
You know, not all mercenary work involves killing things, [Player Name]. Sometimes we get the more menial jobs, too. Best learn that soon if you want to be accepted by the others.
Go on then, get out of here."
X.png "I'll think it over."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Back so soon?
I hope you have all those grain sacks."
1.png "Right here."
The priest gets her grain, we get paid--good for all concerned!
Oh, speaking of's your reward. Good work, [Player Name]."


The priest decided that she could not give the Mercenaries the reward for getting rid of the Kerubs until they had retrieved the stolen grain sacks.

You brought back grain sacks from the Kerub dens as Mires ordered.

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