Glory Points (GP), also known as Honour Points, refers to the points acquired by players which will determine the position and rank of players on the Abyss Rank leaderboard of their faction. Introduced in 4.5, it replaces the AP-based system for ranks greater than Soldier Rank 1.

PvP and Abyss Rank Edit

Glory Points will be the main focus of any player wishing to maintain any of the highest Abyss Ranks; that includes any rank between 1-Star Soldier to Governor. Due to these ranks being limited to a certain amount of people in a faction and server, competition between players should be expected.

Monthly Resets Edit

Every month, total GP acquired by every player on the server will be reset. Ranks will therefore be based on the players who achieved the most GP during that time. By the end of the month, remaining GP is automatically exchanged for Gold Ingot <Gold Ingots> by a certain rate.

Notes Edit

  • GP cannot be directly obtained from killing other players.
  • Players will not have to reach Soldier Rank 1 to acquire any greater rank. In other words, even if the player is Soldier Rank 9, if the sufficient amounts of GP is acquired, they may still be assigned a Army 1-Star Soldier rank.
  • Unlike AP, it is not lost by the death of the player against other player.
  • GP-determined ranks will not update themselves automatically if enough GP is collected. Players will only gain or lose these ranks at a certain time of the day (12 pm Server Time) or when the total GP gained across the month is calculated.
  • Unlike AP, GP cannot be used to purchase items.

Acquisition Edit

GP acquisition is limited to sieges mostly. This includes Divine Fortress and Lakrum Fortress only. Depending on contribution (gained from killing opposing faction players, dealing damage on Balaur or opposing faction facilities/guards or supporting your allies), everyone will be assigned a grade. Higher grades, and therefore better performance, will give more GP on said siege.

Other alternative method are certain PvP instances. These include:

Rank Benefits Edit

Weekly Rewards Edit

Every week, players holding a certain rank will be rewarded a certain amount of AP though Mail.

Rank Abyss Points
1-Star Officer Ap 10,000 Abyss Points
2-Star Officer Ap 20,000 Abyss Points
3-Star Officer Ap 40,000 Abyss Points
4-Star Officer Ap 60,000 Abyss Points
5-Star Officer Ap 100,000 Abyss Points
General Ap 120,000 Abyss Points
Great General Ap 150,000 Abyss Points
Commander Ap 170,000 Abyss Points
Governor Ap 200,000 Abyss Points

Transformations Edit

If a player is of rank 5-Star Officer or higher, they will be able to transform into a Guardian General. Each transformation requires Seed of Transformation <Seeds of TransformationSeed of Transformation>, with each rank having access to better skills and also increased price.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, ranks determined by Glory Points would be determined by the player's AP amount.
  • GP acquisition is part of the Competition Ranking feature.
  • Before the introduction of monthly GP resets, GP would not expire at all. There was a system in place to prevent inactive players from taking up the ranking slots by people being required to earn a certain amount of GP every month.
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