Gathering is a general term describing a way to acquire the materials we as Daevas need to craft. There are two forms of Gathering, Essencetapping and Aethertapping. Essencetapping makes use of nodes on the ground, and Aethertapping makes use of Aether vortexes found in the sky.


Essencetapping is your ability to harvest raw materials. Until ascension at level 10, this skill is known as Gathering.

During your adventuring you may find yourself needing to collect various items. These items may be needed for missions or crafting. Many items offer a green (high-grade) version rarely, this seems to become more common as your Essencetapping skill levels up.

In general, there are six extractable types of items

  1. Metals, which can be used in Weaponsmithing and Armorsmithing. There is (supposedly) only one of these per region, it generally requires very little skill, and is extremely common.
  2. Gemstones, which can be used in Handicrafting and Alchemy. They can upgrade noble Jewelry or make powders, respectively. These are unique in offering only one item per extract location.
  3. Flora & Fauna, which can be used in Cooking. These are usually fruits, vegetables, and fish.
  4. Cloth Fibers, which can be used in Tailoring to make cloth armor. Like metal, there is generally one of these per region, though it is less common.
  5. Precious Metals/Wood, which can be used in Handicrafting. Metals are used in making rings and earings; Wood is used in making Staves & Bows. Worthy weapons require some of each.
  6. Herb, which can be used in Alchemy. These make potions and are scattered throughout the region, with many different types per region.


Aethertapping is a Daevas ability to extract Aether from vortexes.

Various forms of Aether are used in crafting professions and used to Morph Substances. It comes in 13 kinds, each better than the last:

  1. Aether Powder
  2. Aether Crystal
  3. Greater Aether Crystal
  4. Aether Gem
  5. Greater Aether Gem
  6. Pure Aether Gem
  7. Aether
  8. Greater Aether
  9. Pure Aether
  10. Magical Aether
  11. Magical Greater Aether
  12. Magical Pure Aether
  13. Magical Brilliant Aether

The chance of Rare harvests increases with the better vortexes, as does the XP earned.

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