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Gatekeeper Stranir

Gatekeeper Stranir is one of <Brigade General Sheba'sBrigade General Sheba> bodyguards stationed to Sauro Supply Base. He is the fourth boss of the instance and is required to open the way into the Sauro Armory.

Location Edit

Strategy Edit

Its a simple fight against him, only making use of Macro type 1 <Savage Bite> (a one target knockdown), Macro type 1 <Area Press> and Macro type 1 <Sweeping> (short range AoE knockbacks) and Macro type 1 <Thrash> (short range AoE attack). He will receive the Word of Wind I <Blessing of Blood> buff after 50%. Pushing forward, the group will meet the last big section before the last bosses.

Skills Edit

Drops Edit

  • Sauren eternal set
  • Sauro Guard's fabled set
  • Crafting Materials

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