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Garkbinerk is A Black Cloud Trader at Black Cloud Island in Reshanta. She may appear naive, but don't be fooled.

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Starts quests
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"This place is dangerous, yes? Even for business, scary for Shugos.
Kinah is useful only when you are alive, nyerk.
You have [Player Weapon], yes? Let Garkbinerk see, nyerk nyerk."
1 "Why?"
X "I have to go."
"Suspicious Daeva! So unkind.
Only want to look, nyerk. Is good weapon, useless if you vanish. No use to cherish it so much.
Could happen, yes? Very dangerous place. Why does Daeva stare at helpful Garkbinerk?"
X "I have to go."
With quests
"Welcome, welcome."

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