Gaphyrk, a captured Shugo, has asked you for a favor before he will tell you how to get the Village Seal.

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  • Xp 23,250 XP


Gaphyrk says he will help you know the secret to dislodging the Village Seal, but first you must lure the female Kobold, Mimiti, to his cage. Mimiti is a little ways down the road from Gaphyrk's cage and is easy to spot by her red clothing and makeup. To complete this quest, you must clear the pathway from Mimiti to Gaphyrk of extra Kobolds, and then not hit her but let her aggro you and run back to Gaphyrk to activate the cutscene.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Need it, do you? Akakakak.
Seems like you need a little help first, Daeva. Gaphyrk good at helping.
But always for a price! This time, not Kinah though. Kinah not much good in here.
What do you think, Daeva? Want to strike a deal? You help Gaphyrk, Gaphyrk helps you."
1 "What kind of a deal?"
"The best kind. The kind that is good for everyone.
Oh, Mimiti! When they put me here, Mimiti came to feed me. So kind! So beautiful! I was in love the moment I saw her--the moment!
When I was released, I couldn't stand it. So I got caught--on purpose--just so I could be with her. But the Krall won't let me speak to her. Bring Mimiti here, Daeva. Bring her to me and I'll show you how to get your seal."
1 "What should I do?"
"Akakakak. Lure her over here, Daeva. I will do the rest.
You just need to go east and you'll see a beautiful Kobold with long eyelashes. That's her, that's Mimiti. Kind Mimiti.
Don't try to run away with her! She's mine, remember! Just...bring her to me. Please."

Accept Edit

"Kind Daeva! Good, kind Daeva! Now quick, head east, and you'll see Mimiti.
Just make sure you don't hurt her. She'll think you're the enemy so you have to be very careful, very, very careful...."
X "Got it."

Decline Edit

"Stupid Daeva! Daeva have no heart!
Gaphyrk gets himself caught on purpose all for love and Daeva won't help?!
You can forget your seal."
X "That's a shame."

Reward Dialogue Edit

She rejected me. My Mimiti...gone. Gone!
But...if this is what she needs to be happy, then perhaps Gaphyrk can be too."
1 "That's the spirit. Now, about that seal...?"
"Huh? Oh. The seal. Yes, yes, Shugos always keep their end of a deal.
You have to take hold of the seal, and turn, see, turn like this. Might be stiff at first, things never easy, but just keep turning.
Turn, keep turning till it comes loose. Don't give up! You can still get what you want, not like Gaphyrk...."

Summary Edit

You fulfilled Gaphyrk's wish to see Mimiti, and then he told you how to detach the Village Seal.

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