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Ganesh is the main protector in the Trials of Eternity, guarding the artifact in the Library of Insight. He can be found in the Ganesh's Gateway as the Daevas approach the door to the final room. Once defeated by them, he is subdued and allies the Daevas to fix the abnormalities the artifact is causing.

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After Defeat
"Are you the one who shall save the artifact?
I... will not be able to move for some time."
X "(Leave.)"

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The main difficulty is that it is a timed battle, as Ganesh will enrage after 5 minutes of starting. This state is reverted a few seconds afterwards, giving the group another 5 minutes to beat him, otherwise he will rage again, but this time, it will not be removed until everyone dies. Ganesh will appear on a small platform, and when aggroed, the entrance to it will be sealed off. Make sure all group members are on top of it before starting.

During the fight, he will use Earthgrab npc <Calculated Chaos> (an AoE attack that will reduce the attack, casting and movement speed of players in one direction), Staggered Rest <Force Freeze> (paralysing enemies within range of the target at the time), Warrior type <Raging Shock Wave> (a frontal AoE stagger) and Warrior type <Threatening Strike> (a frontal cone-shaped AoE attack).

His special combo is starting with Macro type 1 <Unstable Fissure>, creating scorched earth spots below players, inflicting damage continuously on those who remain on them. At first, everyone must step out of them. However, sometime later, Ganesh will use Sleep Trap I (Elyos) <Start of the Dream>, putting everyone around him in a Sleeping state, following it up with Macro type 1 <Dream Distortion> (an AoE attack which will deal additional damage if the targets are sleeping). To avoid this heavy damage, players must jump on the spots created by Macro type 1 <Unstable Fissure>, instantly waking them up from Sleep Trap I (Elyos) <Start of the Dream>, drastically reducing the effect of Macro type 1 <Dream Distortion>.

Additionally, he will summon from time to time <Obelisk of Ganesh>. They will all favour Ganesh in some way; such as increasing his attack power, attack speed, defences, giving him reflective shields and reducing the HP recovery effect of players. In order to remove these difficulties, the appropriate <Obelisk of Ganesh> must be destroyed. However, each obelisk will have either the Interval Skill <Reflect Damage Spell> or Interval Skill NPC <Reflect Magic Spell> on them. As such, only the appropriate class should attempt to attack them, making having a balanced group between physical and magical a must.

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