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Order: Pests from the Abyss threaten the health of Altgard's residents. Help Borender get rid of Abyss Fungens.

Quest Information[]


Basic Reward[]

Optional Reward[]


After getting the quest from Valurion, fly to the floating rock above Altgard Fortress and talk to Borender. Kill five Abyss Fungus and return to Valurion to collect your reward. Be sure to watch your flight time indicator on your bar.


Initial Dialogue[]

"I understand you just got your wings. So let's put them to use.
Altgard Fortress is a big place. You should probably learn your way around--from the air."
1.png "Just fly around?"
"Fly around? Yes, although your new wings won't keep you aloft for long...yet.
If you really want a good look at Altgard Fortress, you should fly up to Borender.
He watches for aerial threats from the slopes of that floating rock above the fortress--the one with the Abyss portal embedded in it. Tell Borender I sent you, and he'll point out the important landmarks."
1.png "The task is mine."
"You'll find Borender near the top of that floating rock up there.
Make sure you don't let your wings get too tired. If you start falling, just unfurl your wings shortly before you hit the ground.
You wouldn't want to leave a crater, would you? Now go fly up to Borender!"
1.png "I'm on it."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"Welcome to Altgard, [Player Name]. I hope you're tougher than the usual recruit, or <Suthran> will make your immortal life miserable.
One way you can get on his good side: eliminate Abyss Fungus as it floats out of the portal. High Priest <Thrud> says that the fungen will release spores if it floats near another fungen--and those spores make Humans and Daevas deathly ill.
We need to get rid of those pests before that happens."
1.png "How do I do that?"
"You must exterminate the foul pests that emerge from the Abyss Gate."
"You should be saying, "How do I do that,sir?" But I'm not as spit-and-polish as most folks here.
You'll need to fly out to the Abyss Fungus and attack them--blade, bow, magic, whatever. Any attack will do.
Report to Valurion when you are done. And don't leave a crater in the snow because you flew too long, eh?"
1.png "Thanks for the advice...sir."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Borender tasked you will eliminating Abyss Funguss[sic]?
Excellent. Most recruits could use some aerial combat practice.
And you got a bird's-eye view of the fortress during the mission, correct?"
1.png "Good vantage point up there."
"Well done, [Player Class].
Killing fungens isn't glamorous, but few of our tasks are. Get used to that, and you'll do fine here in Altgard.
Here is a small stipend. Equip yourself for future missions."


Under orders from Valurion in the Altgard Fortress, you reported to Borender, who ordered you to eliminate Abyss Fungens before any could spread disease. You did so, then reported back to Valurion.