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Fulla is the Soul Healer of Akarios Village in Poeta. She can read the mind of other people but seldom opens her heart to others.

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Dialogue Edit

"Faith and arms, [Player Class].
With the power of the Obelisk, I can heal the wounds on your soul."
1 "What does that Obelisk do exactly?"
"Ah, not a simple question to answer, I'm afraid.
All Obelisks are made from Aetheric Ore, a metal with many divine properties. How it works exactly, none but the smartest Daeva could say...
But as to what it does, it stores a sort of imprint of the souls of those around it. Should your soul become impure, it could restore it to purity.
One may also bind here, allowing you to call yourself back here through the Aetheric currents."
1 "What does Binding do?"
"If you are bound here, should you find yourself on the brink of death, Aion's mercy will recall you to the obelisk.
Though the Obelisk may save your life, the experience will mar your soul."
X "Thanks for the information."
2 "What is Soul Healing?"
"Those who are close to death may have their souls erode away. While your soul is injured, you will be slower, weaker, and forgetful.
With my services, of course, you can restore your soul to purity."
1 "How do you heal my soul wounds?"
"I channel energy from the Obelisk, bind it with the Aetheric currents around us, and purge your soul of any injuries.
Of course, my prices reflect the difficulty of the job at hand..."
X "Naturally. Thanks for your time."
X "Fascinating. Thanks."
X "No, thank you."
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