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Frigida is the main boss in Primeth's Forge. She first spawns as herself, but later transforms into Maddened Frigida. She is the Brigade General of the Frigida Legion, tasked to collect Lym Ore, following Ereshkigal's direct orders.

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The battle against Frigida consists of two phases. Through the first phase, she will appear in her normal Drakan form, attacking from range and simple abilities. They include Macro type 1 <Frozen Smash> (a single target attack), Blood npc <Ice Needle Wild Shot> (causes an irremovable bleeding state on all players), Macro type 1 <Ice-Bladed Arrow> (short-range AoE attack) and Macro type 1 <Ice Tin> (AoE damage affecting people further than 20m away). She will also phase out and reappear occasionally. Midway through she will also use Barrier of Severance I <Frost Blast>, a 2 minute long debuff which damages over time and drains MP, which cannot be removed. On top of this, whenever the "Frosty Explosion" bar fills up (located on the the top-right corner of the screen), certain sections of the floor will light up and deal heavy damage on those who stand on them.

Upon reaching 50% HP, she will paralyse all players, awaken and transform into dragon-drakan hybrid and will become much more of a menace. Maddened Frigida will constantly have Frost Armor up, damaging the attacker with a certain chance with each attack. She will start with Claws of Cold (single target attack), Gruesome Wind (all players lose MP overtime and have their attack power reduced for 1 minute), Bitter Whirlwind (cone-shaped frontal AoE attack), Crystal Thorn Arrow (damages players within 20m), Mighty Arrow (deals damage on the target and others near it) and Barrier of Severance I <Frost Blast> again.

In addition to all her devastating attacks, every certain amount of time, she will summon three guards; a Sorcerer and two Warriors. They deal a lot of damage, so they must be taken down fast. The best strategy is to take down the Sorcerer first and then focus on the Warriors. Their appearance is signalled by the appearance of a rift in one of the corners of the arena. This is where the support classes must dish out their strongest protection buffs. Halfway through, she will also begin to use Ice Shackles. This will immobilise a target within an ice block, requiring the other group members to destroy it in order to release them.

After the additional mobs begin spawning, it is best to deal as much damage as possible. The less the fight lasts, the less likely the group will be overwhelmed by all her skills and damage. Death is not an option as resurrection is disabled.

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  • Frigida is one of the selected bosses to be available as a Transformation in her Drakan form.
  • Her transformation is thanks to Ereshkigal herself, as she grants Frigida's request during the encounter.

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