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Order: Boreas has something to tell you regarding Icaronix. Go and see Boreas.

Quest Information[]


  • Talk with Boreas.
  • Go to Theobomos and talk with Gaix.
  • Go to Heiron and talk with Finn.
  • Go to Azoturan through Azoturan Fortress Passage, and contact <Acestes>.
  • Talk with <Peitho>.
  • Find and kill the betrayer Betrayer Icaronix.
  • Talk with Acestes.
  • Report the result to Yuditio.

Basic Reward[]

Optional Reward[]

  • 22px The Shadow Elder's Ruby Necklace
  • 22px The Shadow Elder's Mithril Necklace


After getting the quest, talk to Boreas in Sanctum. Go to Theobomos to the Observatory Village and talk to Gaix. Then go to Heiron, and talk to Finn in the Lepharist Research Center. Join a group doing the quest, because it will teleport you directly to Acestes. Alternatively, a group can easily kill to get there. After talking to Acestes, there is a teleport to Peitho. From there, fight to the lowest level. Clear the area around Icaronix, who is on the platform, and kill him. Return to Acestes - if not cleared you can fight there or float from the highest level of the fortress. Finally, talk to Yudito in Teminon Landing in Reshanta to collect the reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"I don't know who Icaronix really is, but Vanishing must not go unpunished.
There could be a new faction opposing the reunification of Atreia. We must discover the truth about Icaronix, and whomever he represents."
1.png "Where shall we begin?"
"We? You are kind to volunteer yourself. As things stand, we know nothing, so I believe the best place to start is with Icaronix.
There is a brother well-versed in the rumors floating around Reshanta. He may have heard something about Icaronix's whereabouts.
Find Gaix in Theobomos."
1.png "It will be done."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"Bianu Ajitaran. I know you are a friend of the Shadow. I know many things. I also know that Ecus was Vanished at the hands of Icaronix.
Ecus was a brother...a splendid compatriot.
I hear you have come to find the traitor?"
1.png "Yes. Do you know where he's hiding?"
"I'm afraid that's one thing I do not know. I've been isolated here in Theobomos, and my ears are consequently limited in their range.
But Finn, a Daeva of Zephyr in Heiron, may be able to assist you."
1.png "I'll go at once."
"I've just heard that it was Icaronix who Vanished Ecus!
I knew it! I told Ecus to be careful. I told him I suspected Icaronix was not what he seemed!
We must make him pay for what he's done. We must avenge Ecus!"
1.png "Do you know where Icaronix is?"
"I followed his trail and discovered he's an agent of the Lepharist Revolutionaries. For a time he was at the Lepharist Research Center, but I lost track of him.
Then our man on the inside reported he'd seen Icaronix at Azoturan Fortress, a Lepharist stronghold.
The Azoturan Fortress Passage is deep inside the Lepharist Research Center. Find Acestes there--he can lead you to Icaronix."
1.png "Infiltrate and destroy!"
"Finn told me to wait for you.
I wanted to find Icaronix and kill him when I heard he Vanished Ecus, but I'm supposed to remain hidden."
Plus, I wasn't sure how to penetrate the Aetheric Field around the fortress."
1.png "We must find a way...."
"I may have that covered. Peitho has been studying a way to remove the Aetheric Field from the top of the fortress.
I can send you to see him whenever you're ready."
1.png "I'm ready now."
"I've been trying to determine how to remove the Aetheric Field, and I think I may have just discovered a way!
I will cast the spell now....
Done! There he is!"
1.png "Where?!"
"Don't let him get away!
Chase him, [Player Name]!
Spread your wings!"
1.png "I'm off!"
"[Player Name]! Did you catch him? Did he get away?
What happened?"
1.png "Icaronix is no more."
"That's satisfying to hear. I'm sure that wherever he is, Ecus is pleased.
Ecus always felt sorry that he couldn't tell you he was one of the Shadow. It's fitting that you were the instrument of his revenge.
I'm sure Icaronix's death will not go unnoticed, but Peitho and I will handle that. Please report this news to Yuditio in Reshanta."
1.png "Bianu Ajitaran, my friend."

Reward Dialogue[]

"You have been gone for some time now, [Player Name]. Have you anything to report?"
1.png "Indeed I do..."
"I thank you for bringing Icaronix to justice...such as it is.
The Lepharist Revolutionaries are certainly not what they appear. They claim to pursue equality in Atreia, but I believe they have another goal.
I will not urge you to join the Shadow Elders, but you are a friend to us now and we shall not forget it, [Player Name]."


Boreas said Icaronix belongs to a faction that opposes the Shadow Elders. He must be unmasked and destroyed.

ou met Gaix and then Finn to learn that Icaronix is a member of the Lepharist Revolutionaries and currently hiding in Azoturan Fortress, a bind point built by the Lepharists in the Abyss.

You went to Azoturan and met with spies of the Shadow Elders who helped you locate Icaronix. When he appeared, you pursued and killed him.

When you returned to Reshanta and told Yuditio what happened, he thanked you and asked you to pay close attention to the Lepharist Revolutionaries from now on.

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