Mijou is worried that Fanged Karnifs are eating all the local Brax. Hunt enough Karnif to protect the Brax population.

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Walkthrough Edit

Obtain the quest from Mijou. Kill 9 Fanged Karnifs, which are found in Anturoon Crossing. Return to Mijou for your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Do you have time for a job, [Player Name]?
Surely you've seen the heavy numbers of Fanged Karnifs all around the Anturoon Crossing. They're nothing but trouble--between attacking our runners and eating our main food source, it's a wonder we're still alive at all!
Oh see, we eat a lot of Brax up here. But Brax are also the main prey for the Fanged Karnifs.
If this continues much longer, the Brax will be hunted out of the area and we'll be back to munching on Sparkles and grass. That doesn't do much for a raider's strength."
1 "I can't imagine it does."
"So you see our dilemma.
I don't have time to get out there myself--not with the reports that <Tobu> expects--but surely you can help us out.
Get out into the fields and kill a few Fanged Karnifs for us. We can't get rid of all of them, but if you can just cut their numbers, we'd be grateful.
If you need motivation, imagine biting into a nice, warm Sparkle bug. Mmm... crunchy.."

Accept Edit

"Heh--that never fails to motivate! Ever tried Sparkle, by the way? The wings get stuck in my teeth...
All right, get out there and hunt nine Fanged Karnifs for me.
Return when you're done and I'll see that you're paid well."
1 "The task is mine."

Decline Edit

"No time?
What, do you fancy a nice barbecued insect this time of year?
Then get out of here. I'll find time to do it myself. And you call yourself a raider..."
1 "Try them with sauce."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Tell me straight, kid.
Should I start stockpiling bugs?"
1 "No need--a lot fewer Karnifs now."
Thanks for the hand, [Player Name]. It's good to know we can look forward to meat. And we could use more [Player Class] like you around.
Here's your reward. Use it wisely."


Mijou told you she was worried that Karnifs were hunting the local Brax from the Anturoon Crossing area. She asked you to cull the Karnif population to safeguard the raiders' best food source. You did as you were asked and received your reward.

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