Order: You should take the third test for Abyss Entry Permission. Go to Kvasir and choose a mission from the three offered.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Meet <Kvasir> about your mission.
  • Talk with <Garm>.
  • Defeat Spirit of Underground Arena in the Triniel Underground Arena. (0/10)
  • You succeeded! Talk with Garm.
  • You failed! Talk with Garm again.
  • Talk with <Aegir>.

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, talk to Kvasir. Head to Triniel Coliseum and talk to Garm, and when ready, enter the test. The spirits have very low HP and die quickly. To the left are 4 warriors, ahead are 2 warriors with 2 mages, and to the right are 4 mages. Kill 10 and the test immediately ends. Deaths will incur death penalty as normal, and the player must speak to Garm again to retry. One successful, go to Morheim Ice Fortress and talk to Kvasir to collect the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"The final stage of your testing for duty in the Abyss will directly test your ability to complete missions.
Many Daevas think the Abyss is nothing but aimless conflict...a continuous fray into which they can leap at will, but that kind of thinking will get you killed."
1 "What must I do?"
"The Abyss will surely test your combat skills, but the success of your missions will often depend on more than just your ability to kill enemy soldiers.
You must also have patience, courage, and diligence. We will test these attributes by sending you on a prepared mission.
Are you willing to try?"
1 "Absolutely!"
"If you are not ready, it is better to admit it now rather than puffing up with bravado and charging ahead.
You may find, however, that you are better prepared than you think. Is it not simply fear of failure which holds you back now?
We shall speak again when you feel more fit for the challenge, Daeva."
X "I will return."
2 "I'm not ready yet."
"Very well. Your mission will take you to the Triniel Underground Arena, where you will fight Elyos spirits that attack with all their hatred and spite.
The arena manager, Garm, is in the Triniel Colesium. Just mention my name and he'll know why you're there."
1 "Blood for blood."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Hail, Daeva.
State your business."
1 "I'm here for a test."
"I understand. Say no more.
Here's how it works. I'll send you to the Arena as soon as you're ready. When you enter, a Summoner will call the spirits of Elyos, and they'll be on you quick as spit.
If you can kill ten before your time runs out, you pass. Good luck."
1 "Thanks."

Failed Attempt Edit

"Well, you didn't defeat ten of the Elyos spirits. Tastes sour, doesn't it?
So, are you gonna slink off to lick your wounds, or get back in there and try again?
Say the word, and I'll send you back to the Underground Arena."
1 "Send me back in."

Successful Attempt Edit

"I see you're back.
Tell many did you kill?"
1 "As many as I could."
"Congratulations. You just passed the third test.
Go to the Morheim Ice Fortress and report to Brigade General Aegir right away.
The General will certify your success. Well done, '[Player Name]."
1 "Blood for blood!"

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Welcome, [Player Name].
So, what brings you here? As if the flush of victory on your face didn't tell me already."
1 "I've defeated the spirits."
"Yes, you have. Keep up that standard, and you'll give the Elyos and Balaur a very hard time indeed. I look forward to reading mention of you in the field reports.
Congratulations on your success in the third test.
Now, if you pass the final test, you can go on to the Abyss. I'm sure you're quite impatient by now."

Summary Edit

Kvasir said the third test is to prove your ability to carry out your missions in the dangerous environment of the Abyss.

The test was in the Triniel Underground Arena, where you contended with Elyos spirits, and proved yourself against many foes.

You completed the mission, and reported the result to Aegir, the commander of Morheim Fortress.

Notes Edit

  • This quest used to involve three choices, but was changed to make it easier.

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