You decided to find the owner of the ribbon that <Agamo> found.

Note: This quest is only available after choosing power in the Tango quest icon <Song of Blessing> [10] quest.

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Objectives Edit

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Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Agamo to receive this quest. Travel to Prosperity Road and speak with Garm to update quest. Locate Therf in the Triniel Coliseum and speak with him to update. Now travel to Vanahal District and speak with Talmenu to update. Now speak with Frana located in the northern portion of this area to update and receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"That song better have worked. It's not easy you know, calling on divine powers every time someone has a problem.
I feel quite weak suddenly. I'm too generous for my own good sometimes. I'm going to take a break."
1 "Take a break from what, exactly?"
"Listen, we're all in this together, right? The way I see it, you owe me one and I'm in need of help.
I found this ribbon near the Arena a while ago. Looks like a good luck present to me...from some woman whose lover is fighting in the Arena, I shouldn't wonder. Only he's gone and lost it.
I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to track down the owner."
1 "And your point is...?"
"I just don't have the energy to move. Since it was singing for you that drained me, it seems only fair that you help me out.
You'll find that Garm, the Arena Master, is a particularly reliable source of information. He's uncanny--he could probably name anyone who frequents the Arena.
If you take the ribbon to him, he's certain to be able to help."

Accept Edit

Now I'm going to get some well-earned rest. If you have any problems...don't let me know!"
X "Um...thanks, I guess."

Decline Edit

"Ingrates! The lot of you! The moment you get what you want, you're off, no interest at all in repaying the favor. That isn't how we do things here in Pandaemonium...those of us who deserve to be here, anyway.
Be gone with you!"
X "I am grateful. I just have to go."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"If you've come for a sideshow, [Player Class], you've come to the wrong place. This is the real thing--the Arena--home to the most fearsome beasts in all Asmodae.
What is it you want?"
1 "What do you know about this ribbon?"
"Hmm...I've seen a lot of these lately.
Good luck or something. Not too lucky when Daevas get caught on them while reaching for their swords. I'd rather a suit of plate armor, myself. Much luckier.
Can't say I've seen this one before though. It has a crest embroidered on it, see? Try Therf in the Arena, though. He watches all the duels."
1 "I'll go see this Therf, then."
"Ah! A new challenger, is it? I hope you're prepared for defeat!
It's been a long time since someone's locked wings with me here. You'd think I was more terrifying than the Balaur!"
1 "Know anything about this ribbon?"
"Oh...looks like I got ahead of myself again. I'm just itching for battle! Hmm... Let me take a look at that ribbon then.
No, I haven't seen anyone wearing this, but this design--a square shield, stitched in black and gold? It's the Meert family crest.
If you want to find the owner of this ribbon, go to the Vanahal District and speak to Talmenu. He's likely to know which member of his family it belongs to. Watch your step around there...."
1 "Thank you. I will."
"Hello? Are you sure you haven't taken a wrong turn somewhere, Daeva? We don't need to buy any fruit or rugs or whatever it is you're selling.
This is the Vanahal District. Perhaps you were lured by the smell of Kinah."
1 "I'm trying to find this ribbon's owner."
"This is Frana's ribbon! How did you get your hands on it?!
Well, that's not important. I suppose I owe you my thanks for returning it.
Frana's upstairs. She'll be happy to see her ribbon."
1 "Very well."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"I hope this is important.
I really don't have time to chat."
1 "I brought this ribbon."
"Oh! My precious ribbon! It was lost near the Arena, you say? That's dreadful! Anyone could have taken it.
I'm so grateful to you for returning it, Daeva. Take this as a small token of my appreciation."

Summary Edit

Agamo, utterly exhausted after singing the song of blessing, wanted you to track down the owner of a ribbon he found.

You spoke to Garm and Therf in the Arena and discovered that the crest embroidered on the ribbon belongs to the Meert family.

You went to the Vanahal District, met Talmenu, and returned the ribbon to Frana.

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