Visit Dorein and ask how the banquet preparations were going.

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Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 7,350 XP

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with <Selesti> to obtain quest. Talk with Dorein (located close the Legion Administration Office) to update quest. Travel to the Airship Dock and speak with Kamorunerk to update. Return to Dorein to finish quest and receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Karollin's banquet is really taking shape thanks to you!
Nearly all of the preparations are done. I've entrusted Dorein with the rest.
She's a bit scatty but she's worked in the banquet hall for a long time so she ought to do a good job."
1 "Ought to?"
"Oh, dear. Do I sound less-than-confident? Well it's just that this is her first time charge of the banquet arrangements. She knows what has to be done but she's never had this much responsibility before. I'm a little worried.
Would you do me a favour and go and check up on her for me?
I'd do it myself, but I don't want her to think I don't trust her."

Accept Edit

"Thanks. Dorein will be glad to see you, [Player Name]. She already knows who you are.
Just ask her how the preparations are going and if there's anything she needs a hand with.
We're going to give Aremion the homecoming of his life!"
X "Indeed!"

Decline Edit

"Oh...I thought you were going to see this through to the end.
I know that technically it ought to be me to check on her, but I don't want her to think I don't trust her.
Please think it over."
X "I'll consider it."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Hey! [Player Name]! Lovely to see you!
I am SO glad you stopped by. You helped arrange some of this banquet for Karollin, and,er...I think I might have a teensy weensy, uh...flower problem."
1 "Flower problem?"
"I told Kamorunerk to get these special flowers from a lake in Ishalgen and he promised he would. He said he was on top of it but there's still no flowers and I haven't seen him since last night!
Could you go to the Airship Dock and give him a nudge? I'm sure it'd be more...motivating, if you did it. I really need those flowers. Like, yesterday."
1 "I'll urge him to hurry."
"Hmm? Yes? What is it, Daeva? Time is money!
You want a package sent? Where to?
Talk to Cheishunerk or Kodanerk! They explain postage! Quick quick!"
1 "I'm here about Dorein's flowers."
"On top of that! Yes! Kamorunerk was just going to send a worker, akakak! Airship arrived late--what could I do? Stupid airship!
And you think flowers easy to get? Ha! Think again! No airship goes to Ishalgen directly--Kamorunerk made special effort for Dorein, yes.
Just unloading cargo now. Only be a moment!"
1 "I'll be waiting."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Darn that Kamorunerk! All talk, no results. He swore up and down he could get them for me for tonight....
Did you visit him yet? What did he have to say for himself?"
1 "The flowers are on the way."
"Seriously? Whew, what a relief.
The airship is never late--they run like clockwork. Honestly. That is SO like a Shugo, the little slink!
I'm just glad it's all taken care of now."

Summary Edit

Selesti entrusted Dorein, a banquet hall worker, with the banquet preparation. She asked you to check on Dorein to see if she needed help.

Dorein complained that the flowers were late, so you paid a visit to the supplier, a Shugo named Kamorunerk. He promised to speed up the delivery. When you told Dorein the flowers would arrive soon, she was relieved.

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