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Fissure of Oblivion map

The Fissure of Oblivion (FoO) was a timed/ranked solo instance for players of level 66 and above, introduced in the 5.1 update. In this instance the player explores a part of his/her forgotten Archdaeva past, traveling into the memories of time to directly after the failed peace negotiations. The Balaur have just overrun an Ancient Atreian stronghold, Orkia Fortress, and the player has to use the Archdaeva's various Elemental Transformations to reach the top of the complex, where an entity guarding the Archdaeva's lost memories awaits.

The entrance was found at the Kojol Valley Scout Post (Iluma) and the Nightbloom Forest Scout Post (Norsvold). Ever since its release this instance was hailed as one of the best sources of experience in the game, making it an incredibly popular instance among players. After the 5.8 update is also became a prime source for Lesser Minion Contract <Lesser Minion Contract>.

In the 6.0 update this instance was removed from the game.    


Aion OST - Rift of Oblivion

Aion OST - Rift of Oblivion

Lady Siel created the Fissure of Oblivion to store and protect the memories of the ancient Archdaeva. Using the memory of your past life, venture into the Fissure alone and transform into powerful ancient avatars. However, within the Fissure exists a <Shadow of Oblivion>, created by Siel herself to safeguard the memories from falling into the hands of the unworthy.


The instance can be ran in various ways depending on the player's objectives. Generally, runs tend to focus on either EXP or on Rank. EXP runs focus on slaying the three <Special Forces Commander Gegares> scattered inside the instance, which award massive experience when slain (although the lesser monsters may be slain for experience as well). Ranked runs focus on doing the instance in the fastest and most efficient manner possible, thus maximizing the amount of Frozen Marble of Memory <Frozen Marbles of MemoryFrozen Marble of Memory> gained.

Skilled players tend to opt for hybrid variant, in which they clear the instance as if it were for rank but also kill the <Special Forces Commander Gegares> on the way, still leaving the player with B or possibly even A-rank depending on their profiency.

Transformations Edit

While inside the instance, the player will be transformed into the Ancient Archdaeva, enabling them to use the Elemental Transformations which are usually only available to level 75 players. During the effect of the transformation, only that form's skills can be used. It is possible to cancel and re-apply the existing (or another) transformation at any given time: doing so will fully restore the player's health. However, a short cooldown will be initiated each time the player transforms.

Effectiveness inside the instance heavily relies on using the right element. Almost every monster in the instance is associated with a certain type, which in turn is countered by one of the Archdaeva's own elements. Using the appropriate transformation to counter a type results in additional damage dealt and reduced damage taken.

The mobs inside the instance will always be of the same level as the player, unless the player levels up during the run itself.

Walkthrough Edit

Players will begin inside a small building, giving them 3 minutes to prepare. Once the door is opened, the 30 minute timer will begin. In case the player loses the ability to transform, they may reenter this room, refreshing their buff. While mob types are countered by elements, the most effective transformation to use in the instance is Avatar of Fire <Avatar of Fire> due to its fast damage and crowd control. As such, it is highly recommended to make use of this one when dealing with packs of Balaur.

FoO - Platform


The player will begin in Orkia Observatory. In the path there will be guards battling a group of Balaur, which must be killed so that those guards will move forward and engage the big pack of Balaur found ahead. On the sides of the path, there will be a <Recuperating Bakarma Gladiator> and a <Recuperating Indratu Gladiator> on the other, the former spawning a <Elite Bakarma Captain> (550p) when killed. Their spawn points change between each other with every run.

Another two of these will be further in; one will be in a small corner on the right side, while the other will be on the stone platform, in its own segment to the left. As guards advance to fight the group of Balaur on the way, the player may choose to either ignore them (due to not giving points for a rank) or kill them (for the XP).

FoO - Memory

Memory Spot

On the stone platform, acting as the entrance to the bridge, players will find the Archdaeva transformed into an avatar and fighting Balaur with the respective type as the transformation. If the player goes near that spot, they will disappear and be ambushed by four <Minions of OblivionMinion of Oblivion> of the same type as the previous mobs. Unless the player dies or the monsters are defeated (each rewarding 250p when killed), the player will be confined to the barriers which appear when these Oblivion servants spawn. Even though they can be easily slain with the Avatar of Fire <Avatar of Fire>, it is suggested to use the appropriate counter.

The first <Special Forces Commander Gegares> will be found on the right side of the stone platform. These mobs are the main interest in the instance, offering great amounts of XP. They only auto-attack, but their HP pool is considerably bigger than other mobs. As they will have a random type assigned to them, players must choose the respective element to finish them of fast enough.

FoO - Bridge

Bridge view

Pressing forward through the bridge, three packs of Balaur will appear, getting bigger as the player moves on. They will either be Warrior type Warrior Type or Special type Special Type, with the former being more manageable. Warrior type Warrior Type can be dealt with Avatar of Wind <Avatar of Wind>, kiting them around and damage them with Field of Lightning <Field of Lightning>. Meanwhile Special type Special Type with have to use Avatar of Water <Avatar of Water>, using Wave of Bitter Cold <Wave of Bitter Cold> and Icewind Gale <Icewind Gale>, focusing Ranger mobs first. If the player is low on HP, they may spam Healing Rain <Healing Rain> on them in order to recover.

At the end of the bridge it is learned that the way into Orkia Fortress has collapsed, and the player thus has to find an alternative way. The player may choose to ignore the fighting Balaur. However, up the dirt ramp to the right, Balaur will suddenly appear blocking the path. These will either be Warrior type Warrior Type, Special type Special Type or a single <Elite Bakarma Captain>. This spot is linked with the previous section in such way that types will not repeat. As such, if players encountered Warrior type Warrior Type mobs first, this section will only contain either Special type Special Type mobs or the <Elite Bakarma Captain>. Both of these spots are linked to a third one further in.

With that segment done, yet another Balaur group will be seen, but with varying types, which can be easily taken care of with the Avatar of Fire <Avatar of Fire>. The player will now enter Orkia Ruins, activating the first Teleport Stone, allowing the player to be teleported here in case of death.

Continuing with the run, they will encounter the Archdaeva again. <Minions of OblivionMinion of Oblivion> will appear again, but five instead this time. The following segment will contain three Balaur fighting guards, one of them rewarding points. The third linked spot will also be further in, and what mobs spawn will be determined by what the other spots had held. If the first one spawned Warrior type Warrior Type and the second one Special type Special Type, the third one will be the <Elite Bakarma Captain>. Additionally, the second <Special Forces Commander Gegares> can be found on the cornered platform next to the stairs.

The stairs will descend above a pit of lava. Each corner of the stairs will hold five Balaur mobs. The type is linked with another spot in Orkia Fortress. These will either be Mage type Mage Type or Assassin type Assassin Type. If Mage type Mage Type, it will be enough to use Avatar of Fire <Avatar of Fire>, leaping towards them with Rush of Flames <Rush of Flames>, fearing them with Horrific Blaze <Horrific Blaze> and finish them off with Fan of Flames <Fan of Flames>. If Assassin type Assassin Type, it is only needed to use Powerful Leap <Powerful Leap> and Ground Smash <Ground Smash>. There being three groups of Balaur, the third one can be found passed the exit, on a lower platform. To get back up from there, players may extend their wings in the center and be lifted by the upstream, gliding towards the exit.

FoO - Orkia Ruins

After a narrow corridor, players will access the courtyard of Orkia Fortress, activating the second Teleport Stone. On opposite ends of the yard, players will encounter another <Recuperating Bakarma Gladiator> and a <Recuperating Indratu Gladiator>, one will be on the corner to the left of the Teleport Stone, while the other to the left passed the horde of mobs. Just like the previous occasion, their spawn points may be exchanged with every run.

As soon as the player enters the section, Atreian guards will rush through the main path and be ambushed by Balaur. This spot will be linked with the one from the stairs, meaning if the previous one was composed of Assassin type Assassin Type, this one will contain Mage type Mage Type. If the Mage type Mage Type are encountered, it is recommended to let the guards tackle them and attack from the sides. While with Assassin type Assassin Type, players may simply use the aforementioned combo with Powerful Leap <Powerful Leap> and Ground Smash <Ground Smash>.

The following part will be composed of a huge horde of Balaur fighting Daevas. It is beneficial to clear this whole patch for the XP, or only sticking to the ones which reward points. In order to progress, players must use the elevator on the wall of the fortress. It may only be unlocked by defeating the <Elite Bakarma Captain> which spawns as the player approaches. Up the lift, few mobs will be seen, each rewarding points.

Two balconies will be able to be seen: one holding a <Recuperating Bakarma Gladiator>, which will logically spawn a <Elite Bakarma Captain> when defeated. On the other, the third and last <Special Forces Commander Gegares> can be found. To press on into the instance however, players must go through the main hallway, blocked by a large group of Balaur of two random types. It is best to stick to the Avatar of Fire <Avatar of Fire> regardless. If Mage type Mage Type are encountered, it is best to target them first, or any Ranger-like Special type Special Type.

If the player has issues with this section, they may rush forward into Orkia Spire, activating the last Teleport Stone, and skipping the walk from the last checkpoint in case of death. The player may also lure ranged mobs to themselves by hiding behind the walls, forcing them to run towards them.

Up the stairs of Orkia Spire, the final section with the <Minions of OblivionMinion of Oblivion> will be fought, this time with six instead. If the player succeeds, the corridor on the back will lead to the Distorted Memory Seal, where the <Shadow of Oblivion> can be challenged.

Shadow of Oblivion Edit

Fighting the <Shadow of Oblivion> is generally considered to be the most challenging part of the instance due to special mechanics. As soon as the player steps in the entrance pathway is sealed off, leaving a circular platform as the arena. When the <Shadow of Oblivion> is defeated, the timer will end, assigning the player a rank. The boss can be attempted as many times as desired within the time limit.

The boss fight consists of three phases. At the start the boss will in his default form (no type), only using Macro type 1 <Horizontal Slash> and Macro type 1 <Oblivion Strike>. Upon hitting ~75% HP the boss will cast Stun altered state <Oblivion> and transform into one of the four types listed below, fully restoring its HP and starting the second phase. The type the boss will change into is random, but will be revealed through his spoken and written dialogue. Players can also observe the weapon the boss is using after its transformation. Upon reducing the boss' HP to ~50% while it is transformed it will cast Stun altered state <Oblivion> again and transform into another type one more time. This time the player must defeat the boss, fully depleting its HP.

Tip: Stun altered state <Oblivion> can be countered by cancelling your Archdaeva transformation when the boss is about to change forms, and using Remove Shock I <Remove Shock I>.

Type I: Assassin Type Edit

  • Pre-transformation quote: "Your fate shall be tested with my sharp dirk!"
  • Dialogue: "The sting of my blade awaits. Gleaming dirk, bring my foe into Oblivion!"
  • Weapon: Daggers

The easiest form. Using the Avatar of Earth <Avatar of Earth> is the most effective strategy, although it may be completed with any transformation. For maximum damage, the player must place themselves below the <Shadow of Oblivion> and spam Ground Smash <Ground Smash> (3). While in this form the boss will stick to using Macro type 1 <Dirk Chop>, a single target attack.

Additionally, it will occasionally use Macro type 1 <Shadow Move> to enter hide state and move to a random spot of the platform, following which it will cast Macro type 1 <Oblivion Dirk>. This can be easily countered by moving to and staying close to the boss once he re-appears from Hide.

Type II: Special Type Edit

  • Pre-transformation quote: "Your fate shall be tested with my mace of judgment!"
  • Dialogue: "The weight of my judgement shall crush you. Judgement falls, bringing the Mace of Oblivion down onto you."
  • Weapon: Mace and shield

While easy, it is a must to make use of the Avatar of Water <Avatar of Water>. Throughout the fight the <Shadow of Oblivion> will cast Macro type 1 <Pulverize>, and follow this up with Poisoning (NPC) <Contaminated Memory> after some seconds. This skill will put a heavy hitting DoT on the player, and should be removed by using Healing Rain <Healing Rain> (4) as soon as possible.

Its most dangerous ability is Macro type 1 <Oblivion Wave>, a cone-shaped frontal AoE that will be used twice in a row. The may survive the first one, but the second one will certainly kill if it hits. The only way to avoid it is by running behind the boss. The skill can be predicted, as it will always and only happen around 3 seconds (or 2 auto-attacks) after the boss uses Poisoning (NPC) <Contaminated Memory>.

Type III: Warrior Type Edit

  • Pre-transformation quote: "Your fate shall be tested with my great spear!"
  • Dialogue: "Your fate shall be tested. Spear of Oblivion, I deliver this intruder onto you!"
  • Weapon: Spear

While not overly difficult, the fight is lengthy due to frequent interruptions. This fight can the performed in two ways: with the Avatar of Fire <Avatar of Fire>, being the easy strategy with slightly less damage, or with the Avatar of Wind <Avatar of Wind>, which is slightly more risky but yields higher damage. The boss' skill set will include Macro type 1 <Oblivion Spear> (an instant multi-cast attack which will inflict damage on a spot) and Macro type 1 <Strike> (a single target attack).

Its most threatening skill in this form however is Macro type 1 <Summon Shadow>, which will summon two Shadow of Oblivion Pieces on the field. These adds which will auto attack in melee range and deal huge damage. If left unchecked, the player will die within seconds. If using the Avatar of Fire <Avatar of Fire>, the player can drag the <Shadow of Oblivion> to a side and place itself between the wall and the boss itself. Whenever Macro type 1 <Summon Shadow> is used, using Horrific Blaze <Horrific Blaze> will deal with adds, which can then be finished off with Fan of Flames <Fan of Flames>. If using the Avatar of Wind <Avatar of Wind>, one idea is to tank the boss on either edge of the room (north or south) and to quickly move to the other side when it begins to summon its adds. From there the player can dispatch of the adds before they come in range.

Type IV: Mage Type Edit

  • Pre-transformation quote: "Your fate shall be tested with my imperturbable wisdom!"
  • Dialogue: "You cannot outwit me. In my wisdom I trust, I shall reveal the of Oblivion!"
  • Weapon: Magic

The mage form is the most challenging type. In this form the boss deals the highest damage and also has the largest skill set.

For starters, it is highly recommended to keep the <Shadow of Oblivion> in the middle of the platform (move to either the north or the south end to re-position him if needed), and to fight him using the Avatar of Fire <Avatar of Fire>. The player should use Inferno&#039;s Embrace <Inferno's Embrace> (3) as often as possible, as well as health pots to keep themselves alive. In his normal rotation the boss will just stick to auto attacks and an occasional Macro type 1 <Magic Discharge>, but extra caution should be exerted once he starts his special rotation.

The start of the mage type's special rotation is marked by the boss using Macro type 1 <Pull (skill)> and spawning four Shadow of Oblivion Pieces around it. One of them will begin to cast Sun Burst <Reflect Magic> which, is completed, will inflict heavy damage on the player. Players can use TAB to quickly locate the add casting the skill (or look for the skill animation) and use Inferno&#039;s Embrace <Inferno's Embrace> on it to cancel the cast. If this is on cooldown players can rush towards the add with Rush of Flames <Rush of Flames> (1) and quickly dispatch of it.

Shortly after this the boss will use Macro type 1 <Pull (skill)> again, this time following up with Oblivion Explosion and Eye of Wrath NPC <Magic Power Explosion>. If the player has been using Inferno&#039;s Embrace <Inferno's Embrace> (3) and health pots they should have enough health left to survive Oblivion Explosion. When the boss starts charging up Eye of Wrath NPC <Magic Power Explosion> the fire transformation should be cancelled and re-applied immediately as doing so will fully restore the player's health.

Quests Edit

Both races receive one standalone campaign quest for the zone (automatically obtained at level 66), as well as a repeatable normal quest each time the instance is entered. The latter awards a small amounts of experience and kinah if completed, and can be turned in through the Bounty feature.


Rewards Edit

Rank Edit

Depending on the time left and total points acquired upon defeating the <Shadow of Oblivion>, the player will be assigned a rank. Obtaining a D-rank or higher will reward Frozen Marble of Memory <Frozen Marbles of MemoryFrozen Marble of Memory>, with higher ranks awarding increased amounts.

As of the 5.8 update players will also receive 2 Spinel Coin <Spinel Coins> and 10 Lesser Minion Contract <Lesser Minion Contract> each time they slay the final boss.

Rank Time Left Points Rewards
S 20 mins 23,550 Frozen Marble of Memory <Frozen Marble of Memory> x 5
A 18 mins 21,200 Frozen Marble of Memory <Frozen Marble of Memory> x 4
B 16 mins 17,700 Frozen Marble of Memory <Frozen Marble of Memory> x 3
C 10 mins 14,100 Frozen Marble of Memory <Frozen Marble of Memory> x 2
D 1 min 9,400 Frozen Marble of Memory <Frozen Marble of Memory> x 1
F - - None

Exchanging Edit

Frozen Marble of Memory <Frozen Marbles of MemoryFrozen Marble of Memory> are used as tokens to acquire special items. They can be turned in through the NPCs in front of the instance's entrance (Rimia for Elyos, and Stolla for Asmodians) for a variety of rewards.

Item Amount of Marbles
Instance cooldown type 1 <Fissure of Oblivion Bonus Entry Scroll> 12
Sack <Ancient Goblet BundleAncient Goblet Bundle> 6
Red sack <Ample Ancient Goblet Bundle> 30
Title Card type 1 <[Title] Long History> 120
Title Card type 1 <[Title] Complicated History> 120
Wing feather type 4 <Wings of Oblivion> 70

Extra Rewards Edit

In addition to awarding massive XP, slaying the <Special Forces Commander Gegares> monsters scattered throughout the instance will also award Ancient Coin <Ancient Coin> bundles, which can give out increased amounts based on the player's level.


  • Empyrean Lord Kaisinel can be seen fighting against a Dragon form Beritra inside.
  • If the player decides to not help any NPCs to fight off the Balaur, they will eventually die against them. This mimics how crucial the involvement of the Archdaeva was to the events which took place.
  • During the instance, when the player is ambushed by <Minions of OblivionMinion of Oblivion>, it represents how the character attempts to gain a memory about the Archdaeva, however this seeking is crippled by the <Shadow of Oblivion> sending his servants.
  • An alternative version named the Fissure of Oblivion of Opportunity was added to the Korean servers in the 5.8 patch. Accessible exclusively to internet cafe players, monsters in this version yield 50% more experience when slain and double the entries.
    • Due to a glitch, the entrance to this instance can be seen on the map, despite never have been introduced in any other region.
    • Instead of adding the instance itself, with the release of 5.8 on the NA servers, experience gained inside the normal instance was increased by 50% permanently.

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