Hunt Slinks and Worgs near the Verteron Citadel until you obtain enough thin hides, then use a loom to make three pieces of thin leather and bring them to Daphnis.

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Kill creatures in Verteron and gather at least 6 22px Thin Rawhide (Elyos). Return to Sanctum and convert the rawhide to Thin Leather using the Tailoring tables provided.

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"Ah, then you have much to learn!
I'd be happy to train you in the art of Tailoring. The profession is not an easy one, but with hard work you could master the creation of cloth and leather armor.
What do you think, [Player Name]?"

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Some Daevas regard cloth and leather Armorsmithing as unimportant compared to metalworking. Daphnis, a clothier, took offense to this and argued that those who can only wear cloth and leather armor require equally well-made protection.

She urged you to obtain raw leather and treat it to see for yourself how much technical knowledge is involved. You hunted Slinks and Worgs to obtain the raw hides, then used a loom to make thin leather from them.

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  • As with all crafting quests, you do not have to convert the materials yourself. Simply purchasing the items from the Auction House or having a player convert the materials for you is sufficient to complete the quest.

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