Fire Temple (FT) is a group instance for players of level 28 and above. Since the 6.0 update it is also the first group instance players will encounter in the game. This underground shrine is home to <Kromede the Corrupt>, a former Asmodian Shadow Judge who fled here after the events of Kromede's Trial. On particularly difficult days, she will show up as <Vile Judge Kromede>.

Ever since its release Fire Temple has served as one of Aion's most played instances: it was the first instance that dropped Fabled class weapons, and was the main source of EXP for players between levels 30-40 (mainly from related quests) throughout the entirety of the game's history.

In 6.0 the Fire Temple remains. It can be accessed from Changarnerk's Campsite in Heiron and the Red Mane Cavern in Beluslan.

Walkthrough Edit

Fire Temple boss map

Boss locations in the Fire Temple.

The instance features many different pathways and rooms, but most players just stick to the 'main' route (the green dotted line in the screenshot) which will take them straight to the the final boss. Upon entering proceed down the pathway, sticking to the middle to avoid aggroing any unnecessary mobs. Go down the ramp at the end but wait before turning down the left corridor: <Silver Blade Rotan> will soon appear, and will need to be slain in order to proceed. Once done turn left and make your way up, taking care to not step off the path and fall into the lava pools beneath.

The path will open into a large, spacious room filled with Mugolems and patrolling Gargoyles. It is recommended to get to the middle of the room, where the player will either find a regular Mugolem mob or <Tough Sipus>, and then head for the upwards path located to the right. Stay close to the wall on the left to prevent aggroing additional mobs. Atop of the path will be another Mogulem; after defeating it turn left once again. You will now head down the path into the Temple Interior.

The Temple Interior will have numerous monsters in it, but only a few <Temple Caryatid> or <Lurker Gargoyle> need to be killed to clear a path to the final boss, which will either be <Kromede the Corrupt> or <Vile Judge Kromede>. All people except for the tank should keep their distance, as she has various close-range AoE skills. Put an end to her antics and claim the loot to clear the Fire Temple.

Unique Drops Edit

<Kromede the Corrupt> / <Vile Judge Kromede>
Cloth Helm type 2 <Flame Headband>
Leather Helm type 2 <Flame Hat>
Chain Helm type 2 <Flame Chain Helm>
Plate Helm type 2 <Flame Helm>
Stone type 7 <Stone of Silence>
Blue Necklace type 1 <Kromede's Necklace>
Blue Sword type 1 <Sword of the Judge>
Blue Greatsword type 1 <Greatsword of the Judge>
Blue Polearm type 1 <Spear of the Judge>
Blue Dagger type 1 <Dagger of the Judge>
Blue Bow type 1 <Longbow of the Judge>
Blue Tome type 1 <Tome of the Judge>
Blue Orb type 1 <Jewel of the Judge>
Blue Staff type 1 <Staff of the Judge>
Blue Mace type 1 <Warhammer of the Judge>
Box type 7 <Judge's Fabled Weapon Chest>

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Magical Creatures



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Trivia Edit

  • The Fire Temple is one of the few instances that has been left virtually unaltered by the 6.0 update, being an almost identical copy of its original, pre-5.8 version. The main difference is the raised minimum entry level (+1) and the adjusted loot.
  • The instance also also appeared as a playable zone in another game developed by NCSoft, following its status as Aion's trademark instance:
  • Before the 6.0 update this instance was located in the Sky Temple of Arkanis in Morheim (Asmodians), although Elyos players could also access it through a door in Kyola Temple in Eltnen.
  • In its early days it also had certain prerequisites before it could be entered: Asmodian players had to complete a [Group] quest, while Elyos players would have to be lucky enough to find a quest item drop on a monster in the region around the entrance. After the 2.1 update this requirement was lifted.

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