Field of Lightning
Field of Lightning.gif
Tango mana.svg 669
Tango activation.png 0s
Tango cooldown.png 15s
Tango duration.png 10s
Classes All
Level 75
Type Offensive
Target Specified location
Range 20m
Field of Lightning
lvl 1 - 9
Deals 1720 magic wind damage to targets within 20m and enemies within 6m of target. Movement speed is reduced for 3 seconds by 50%. The area of the attack becomes a field in which the movement speed of the enemies is reduced by 50% every 3 seconds for 3 seconds for a duration of 10 seconds. This has no influence on Storm Surge’s increased range effect.
Specified Location
Cast Time
Cast Instantly
Usage Cost
MP 669

Field of Lightning is one of the available skills when the Avatar of Wind <Avatar of Wind> transformation is active. Inflicts damage in one direction from the caster. Targets which step on the affected area have their movement speed reduced.

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