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Feira is an angler fishing at Cliona Lake in Poeta. She is the wife of <Uno> and is engrossed in fishing.

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See this fishing rod? Namus made it for me, he has amazing skills with wood.
I almost feel bad for fishing with it, it's really a piece of art.
But a tool like this must be used for its intended purpose."
1 "Do you spend all your time fishing?"
X "It is a nice rod."
"Not all of it, though it is my biggest passion in life.
Just yesterday, I caught the most beautiful fish, with delicate fins and scales that shimmered in the sunlight.
I found myself just staring at it, and in the end just let it back into the lake. To kill such a thing...I'd have felt so guilty."
1 "Why fish at all then?"
X "I should go."
"I fish for two reasons. There's the sense of achievement in catching a struggling fish, sometimes it takes hours to wear one down enough to reel it in.
I also like to record the various kinds that live in the lake. Most of the time I pull out fish I've seen before, but every now and then I come across something new.
<Ben> will never understand that...for him, fishing is just a job."
1 "Do you think so?"
X "Really, I should be going now."
"We share a love of fishing, but have entirely different perspectives on the creatures we catch.
For example, the fish I told you about before. I told Ben about it and he complained, called me a simpleton, and wouldn't stop telling me how much money I could have made selling it to a Daeva in Verteron.
I'm sorry, this must seem boring to you."
X "Not at all. I have to go, though."
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