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Feimerk is a Shugo merchant in Ardus Shrine.

Location Edit

Dialogue Edit

"Salutations! The sky smiles upon us!
Serving is what Feimerk does! With cheer! Akakakak!
No Shugo is more friendly! That's a promise!"
Buy Buy
Sell Sell

Goods Offered Edit

Paper <Bandage> 011 5 Kinah icon
Extraction Tools <Extraction Tools> 011 1,000 Kinah icon
White crystal <Elemental Stone of Resurrection> 2020 3,400 Kinah icon
Odella Powder <Lesser Odella Powder> 1010 15 Kinah icon
Lesser Power Shard <Lesser Power Shard> 1010 15 Kinah icon
Minor Power Shard <Minor Power Shard> 011 5 Kinah icon
Power Shard <Power Shard> 2020 45 Kinah icon

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