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Fallen Sea Jotun

Fallen Sea Jotun the second boss in the Cradle of Eternity in Vid's Secret Library. One of the former garden tenders of the garden, until <Typhon> corrupted his mind. He is now guarding records about his leader.

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The fight will begin as soon as the group zones in. Through the first stage, the boss will use Warrior type <Force of Waves> (a small AoE which will inflict damage), Tremor npc <Tsunami> (a frontal fan shaped AoE which will reduce movement speed), Heaven&#039;s edge (NPC) <Detaining Sphere> (all-room-wide Aether's Hold state) and Warrior type <Concussive Wave> (an AoE stun). Soon after starting, the boss will use Macro type 1 <Rage Quake> (the boss will choose a random target and inflict damage on it), however, this skill will also cause the section of the platform to be marked with a circle. Any target that stands on it will receive damage from the rockfall effect.

After 75%, the boss will stop using most all skills except for Macro type 1 <Rage Quake>, which will continue to summon circles. In addition to this, the boss will make use of Tangling Attack npc <Cyclone>, a single target attack. However, every few moments, the boss will summon <Jotun Grunts>, additional monsters which will use Warrior type <Solid Strike> (a single target attack) and Quaver <Cursed Wave> (putting a target into a silenced and bound state). These adds will make the battle considerably more chaotic as more of them spawn. Those support classes or those which use AoEs attacks will be the most likely ones to be focused by them. The only way to counter them is to kite them around due to how extremely resilient they are. They are also damaged by the rockfall effect from the circles, however the damage is too low for them. The best way is to deal the most damage possible on the boss until 50% of HP. If most of the group dies, all adds will despawn but will soon resume to spawn again, as long as the boss does not reset.

At 50%, the battle will become considerably easier. Instead of using the rockfall circles, the boss will instead make use of Macro type 1 <Steaming Geyser>, which will summon circles on the ground which will inflict damage on those which stand on them (higher than the rockfall circles). <Jotun Grunts> are killed a lot faster from these, which will make it easier to handle them. However, the group must watch out for them too as it is easy to get cornered by them. After 25%, the boss will resume casting Tremor npc <Tsunami> and Warrior type <Force of Waves>. Once the boss is killed, the group. ay loot its corpse for valuables.

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