Fall of the Zumion Ruins
Fall of the Zumion Ruins
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Fall of the Zumion Ruins describes the destruction of the temple of Zumion by the Balaur.

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Fall of the Zumion Ruins
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Zumion was the first and most glorious Atreian temple. Built by the power of Aion, the shrine was grandiose and beautiful. Verdant gardens, smooth pristine walls, crystal blue waters. Zumion was most sacred ground; all of Atreia made pilgrimage to bask in Zumion's beauty and Aion's glory.

Though the Balaur ruled the world, Humans worshiped Aion alone and developed their own religion and culture. The priests of Zumion were chosen for their faith and wisdom. They wielded great authority.

Zumion's beauty and the priests' faith gave Humans hope through centuries of oppression.
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