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Euripides is a Daeva of Life Transformation that can be found in the Dionysia Tavern. If a player has the right item, he'll use his magic to change their gender.

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Dialogue Edit

"Arieluma, [Player Name]. It's a pleasure to see you. Is there something you need?
Oh, don't be shy. I've met many Daevas who feel uncomfortable with the body the Five Lords gave them. Some time ago I discovered a way to use Aether to...correct this error. With my help you can change your gender to suit your nature, whatever it may be.
But there's something I must ask of you--a token of sorts. The Gender Switch Ticket. It is sold by someone I trust. If you bring it to me, I will change you into whatever you want to be."
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Trivia Edit

  • Euripides is the name of a writer of classical Greek Tragedies.
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