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Essencetapping is your ability to harvest raw materials. Until ascension at level 10, this skill is known as Gathering.

During your adventuring you may find yourself needing to collect various items. These items may be needed for missions or crafting. Many items offer a green (high-grade) version rarely, this seems to become more common as your extract vitality skill goes up.

Collection Node (Node) Edit

Collection Node

A Collection Node can be many things located around the environment in which you explore; these can include plants, animals and minerals. When you move your cursor over a node you can tell a lot about it. If the name appears gray that indicates that you have enough skill to collect the item, but you will not gain any skill from successfully collecting its material. Yellow names indicate that you will have enough skill and will also gain skill upon successfully collecting the material (ie: xp). Red will indicate that you are unable to collect that item. Also the cursor will change if you can or can not collect from a particular node.

Skill Edit

Although the item can be collected, it does not mean that you will have the skill to do so. Every time you collect materials from a Node, you will gain small amounts of Collecting Skill (xp). As you gain more and more you will gain a point towards the skill. The Skills Window (K) will keep track of how many points you have in a particular skill.

Gathering Meter Edit

Collection Meter

With both Collecting and Extracting, you will have some risk when gathering. Once you start the gathering process a meter will appear on your screen. In the meter that opened it will show you the item that you are attempting to gather, your current gathering/extracting level, and 2 bars. The 2 bars are marked as Success and Failure. During the process the 2 bars begin to fill up. If your pass bar fills up before your fail bar then you have successfully collected the material. If you fail then you have not collected anything and must try again.

Collecting Edit

This is done as a human, before you ascend to the rank of Daeva. You will need to scrounge around in the dirt to dig up the things you need. To collect, you will need to approach the item you want to collect, and Right-Click on it. Once you begin collecting the Gathering Meter will begin. As a human your collection skill will only allow you to be able to have 49 points in it. Once you reach 49 points however you still will be able to collect the materials in the area.

Extracting Edit

Once you have ascended to the rank of Daeva, you will no longer need to collect items by scrounging the ground. You are now able to Extract the very essence of the material. You will gain 2 new Extract skill types for you to work on: Lesser Extract Vitality and Lesser Extract Aether. You will Extract Vitality from Nodes just as you did with collecting. The Extract Aether skill however you will need to gather from the skies. Aether is used to Morph substances that you will need later on. Just like collecting these skills also have a cap. Once you reach 99 points, you will need to learn how to extract higher level items by visiting a Master Craftsman.

Types of Extractable Items Edit

In general, there are six extractable types of items

Metals, which can be used in weaponsmithing and armorsmithing. There is (supposedly) only one of these per region, it generally requires very little skill, and is extremely common.

Gemstones, which can be used in Handicrafting and Alchemy. They can upgrade noble Jewelry or make powders, respectively.

Flora & Fauna, which can be used in Cooking. These are usually fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Cloth Fibers, which can be used in Tailoring to make cloth armor. Like metal, there is generally one of these per region, though it is less common.

Precious Metals/Wood, which can be used in Handicrafting. Metals are used in making rings and earings; Wood is used in making Staves & Bows. Worthy weapons require some of each.

Herbs, which can be used in Alchemy. These make potions and are scattered throughout the region, with many different types per region.

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