Essence, also known as Power of Creation, was a feature only available to Archdaevas (players of level 66 and above) during the 5.0 update. Essence allowed players to customize a variety of powers and abilities of their character. This included boosting primary stats, acquiring elemental transformations, acquiring Archdaeva-only skills and boosting their regular skills.

The system is based around the token called Essence (CP), which is assigned automatically to the character when acquired. To spend it, the player must open the Essence Allocation window, able to use those points up in whichever way wished (certain level limitations may apply).

This system was discontinued with the 6.0 update. Some aspects of it have been delegated to the new Daevanion skills system.

Introduction Edit

The system is unlocked automatically when the player reaches level 66. They will receive a basic introductory campaign quest which will briefly talk about it, only requiring to talk to the Empyrean Lord's Agent in Iluma/Norsvold.

Essence Acquisition Edit

Essence mostly obtained from leveling up. As an Archdaeva, the player's XP bar will always have a blue crystal/pip on it. Whenever the character's total XP at that level reaches it, one Essence point will be automatically added to the count. This pip appears at set percentages; in lower levels, it will appear around every 10% of XP, while as the level raises, this pip will appear more often, such as every 5% and less in late levels. Additionally, whenever the player levels up, six Essence will be added to the total.


Essence Core tab

Other than acquiring XP, there is an additional method to gain Essence; Essence Core <Essence Cores>. Introduced in 5.3, these items can be equipped on the Essence Tab on the Profile Window into the three slots and will automatically assign Essence to the character. The more an Essence Core <Essence Core> is enchanted, the more Essence it will give. This can be done by making use of either Omega Enchantment Stone <Omega Enchantment Stones> (higher rate) or Essence Core Solution <Essence Core Solutions> (lower rate). However, upon failed enchantment the Core is destroyed.

Much like Stigmas, they can be socketed into special slots under the Essence tab in the Profile Window. There are six slots available, all of which are automatically unlocked when the player reaches level 66.

As of 5.6, there is also a repeatable quest which will unlock further maximum Essence. For Elyos, it is given out by Creasione located in the Throne of Ariel in Iluma, while for Asmodians, it is given out by Seifer in the Temple of Darkness in Norsvold. The player must rift to the opposing faction's land, slay certain world bosses, assemble an item and turn it in through the second quest. With its completion, Essence will be added to the person's character. This quest can be completed up to 10 times.

Allocating Essence Edit

Essence can be used as much as the player desires from the Allocate Essence window (Shift+U by default, or clicking on the pip on the XP bar). Any action can be performed by assigning Essence as desired and pressing the "Apply" button. If the user wishes to start all over, they may press the "Reset" button.


Enhance Character tab

Enhance Character Edit

Players may boost their base attributes through this tab. They may boost either Power, Precision, Health, Knowledge, Agility and Will. At level 66, stat boosting is limited to 6 levels, however, the limit is raised by 6 more whenever they level up. Essence can be spent on these stats as much as desired with no limitations.

The effectiveness of these stats is affected by the total amount of these 6 attributes, taking into account Archdaeva Manastones socketed on gear. After a certain point, when new Essence is spent on a stat or manastones of the said stat are socketed, it will have diminishing effects. Once this cap is reached, it is best to opt for regular manastones or a different primary attribute.

Transformations Edit


Transformations tab

The Transformation tab allows the player to acquire an Elemental Transformation unique to Archdaevas. Each element has a transformation available, which can be used during battles. On the first tier, the simple level 66 transformations, followed by the second tier, the level 75 transformations. The third tier has not been introduced yet.

Vessels (level 66 transformations) are available to all Archdaevas. To acquire one, at least 5 Essence are required. While there are four, they all share a 5 minute cooldown. When used, they will buff up the player in their own way, and allow them to use the chain skill. Unlike other regular skill chains, this one will not be stopped if the player uses a different skill. While the 5 minute cooldown cannot be altered, the 15 second duration of the Vessel transformations can be extended by spending additional Essence on the said transformation from the Allocate Essence window, capped at level 5, with each level granting an additional second.

Element Vessel Skill Skill Chain
Buff Effect Skill Effect
Earth Vessel of Earth <Vessel of Earth> For 15~20s, increases shock resistance and receive less damage the lower the player's HP is. Terraform <Terraform> Removes all active debuffs from the caster.
Fire Vessel of Fire <Vessel of Fire> For 15~20s, all non-AoE attacks will inflict 600 damage on up to 6 targets within 8m of the primary target when used, and whenever attacked, up to 1500 damage is reflected back to the attacker. Detonate <Detonate> Leaps 15m backwards, inflicts damage on 8 targets near the original location and recovers 1000 HP.
Water Vessel of Water <Vessel of Water> For 15~20s, whenever attacked, the caster recovers 200 HP, with a chance of removing debuffs. Waterbind <Waterbind> Inflicts 800 damage on targets within 15m and roots them for 14s.
Wind Vessel of Wind <Vessel of Wind> For 15~20s, removes movement restraining debuffs and raises resist values against them, reduces attack speed of attackers and increases attack range by 1m. Mercurial Blast <Mercurial Blast> Leaps 15m forward.

The second tier are the Avatar transformations (level 75). Introduced in 5.1, these are much more powerful skills to have. During these transformations, the player will enter a form with which only four element-specific skills are available, as well as Remove Shock I <Remove Shock I>, while class-specific skills remain completely unavailable as long as the player is on this state. When the transformation is activated, the player will lose all buffs, active skills and consumables which are active.

This is only available to players who have reached level 75 and have upgraded the respective Vessel transformation to level 5. The state lasts for 5 minutes and has a cooldown of 1 hour, however, further Essence can be spent in order to lower the cooldown.

While these transformations are not available until the player reaches level 75, the instance Fissure of Oblivion offers them a chance to practice. While inside, they may freely use them, with a much reduced cooldown and boosted damage.

Element Avatar Passive Effect Skills
Earth Avatar of Earth <Avatar of Earth>

Chance of restraining the target

when an attack is performed.

Fire Avatar of Fire <Avatar of Fire>

Chance of inflicting ongoing damage

on a target and 3 others within 6m

in front of the player.

Water Avatar of Water <Avatar of Water>

Attacks have a chance to raise

Freeze stage of the target.

Wind Avatar of Wind <Avatar of Wind>

Attacks have a chance to reset

the cooldown of skills.


Archdaeva Skills tab (Chanter perspective)

Archdaeva Skills Edit

The Archdaeva skills tab gives the player access to certain skills only available to Archdaevas. Most skills require a least amount of available Essence in order to be acquired. Five of them are shared by all classes and focus on granting additional damage or defences in PvE and PvP, while the remaining five are upgraded versions of Daeva skills. Available passive skills, shared by all, include:

Introduced in 5.3, the fifth skill is automatically unlocked at level 66. All players have access to the Boost Godstone Resistance <Boost Godstone Resistance>, which increases the chances of resisting Godstone effects. It starts at 0.2%, however additional Essence can be spent to boost it up to level 4, giving 1%.

Each class has five unique Archdaeva skills. These upgraded versions share cooldown with their respective Daeva versions. All of them are partially unlocked at level 66, However, to make use of it, the character must have a certain amount of maximum Essence. The first skill will require a max Essence of 34, second one 67, third and fourth one 105, and final fifth one 180.

Class Archdaeva Skill Max Essence Upgraded Effect Original Skill
Templar Avenging Shield Blow 34 Added healing and taunting effect.

Avenging Blow I <Avenging Blow I>

Righteous Blow 67 Lowered cooldown, can be used on stumbled targets.

Pitiless Blow I <Pitiless Blow I>

Beserker's Rage 105 Added movement resist. Charge I <Charge I>
Entangling Chains 152 Increased amount of targets pulled. Illusion Chains I <Illusion Chains I>
Bloodwind Slash 180 Increased damage, AoE damage instead of single target. No longer deals additional damage on Balaur. Blood Pact
Gladiator Tumultuous Surge 34 Increased damage, recovers MP as well. Roiling Hack I <Roiling Hack I>
Ferocious Leap 67 Increased max range to 20m. Ferocious Chop I <Ferocious Chop I>
Body and Mind of Steel 105 Added Spell Debuff effect. Wall of Steel I <Wall of Steel I>
Furious Charge 152 Decreases Physical Def instead of Accuracy. Berserking I <Berserking I>
Armor of Revenge 180 Added Fear and Sleep Resist and Movement Speed increase. Armor of Attrition I <Armor of Attrition I>
Assassin Vampiric Slash 34 Added HP recovery effect based on damage dealt. Surprise Attack I <Surprise Attack I>
Soulshatter Cleave 67 Additional damage on type-based mobs. Soul Slash I <Soul Slash I>
Flash Ambush 105 Increases movement speed. Ambush I <Ambush I>
Windblade Reprisal 152 Triggered from resisting. Whirlwind Slash I <Whirlwind Slash I>
Slayer of Darkness 180 Buff increases weapon range, increased HP and Magical Accuracy values, makes the following skill score a critical hit. Slayer Form I (Elyos) <Slayer Form I>
Ranger Soul-Busting Arrow 34 Increased percentage of recovered HP and MP. Seizure Arrow I <Seizure Arrow I>
Light Arrow 67 Increased damage. Unerring Arrow I <Unerring Arrow I>
Nightmare Trap 105 Increased amount of targets affected. Sleeping Trap
Blessing of Nature 152 Increased Max HP and added recovery effect. Breath of Nature I <Breath of Nature I>
Mau Blessing 180 Physical Attack value increased, raises Magical Accuracy and Pull resistances, skill consumes DP actively rather than 2,000 DP in one go. Transformation: Mau
Sorcerer Spear of Gust 34 Increased damage, reduced cooldown. Wind Spear I <Wind Spear I>
Mana Font 67 Increased MP recovered. Gain Mana I <Gain Mana I>
Flames of Wrath 105 Increased damage, additional effect applied to opposing faction as well, cooldown reduced. Aetherflame
Oath of Iron-Clad 152 Blocks more damage, cooldown reduced. Boon of Iron-Clad I <Boon of Iron-Clad I>
Flame Waltz 180 Increased range of effect, additional chance to lay a damage over time. Flaming Meteor I <Flaming Meteor I>
Spiritmaster Element Smash 34 Additional damage dealt to type-based mobs. Ritual Push
Command: Element Discharge 67 Spirit does not consume its HP. Command: Kamikaze
Command: Spirit Barrier 105 Shield protects nearby allies. Spirit Preserve I <Spirit Preserve I>
Aetherphase Contract 152 Leaps 10m forward, removing movement related debuffs. Contract of Resistance I <Contract of Resistance I>
Nightmare Scream 180 Increased amount of targets affected, increased movement speed reduction, has less chance to be resisted. Fear Shriek I <Fear Shriek I>
Cleric Electro Bolts (Cleric) 34 Increased chance to trigger Divine Spark I <Divine Spark I> Thunderbolt I <Thunderbolt I>
Power Smash 67 Added additional damage to type-based mobs. Land's Bargain
Ripple of Healing 105 Increases Cast Speed for 7s. Healing Splendor
Prayer of Resistance 152 Increased amount of altered state resist stats. Prayer of Focus I <Prayer of Focus I>
Summon: Punishment Energy 180 Reflects damage if attacked, increased damage. Summon Holy Servant I (Elyos) <Summon Holy Servant I>
Chanter Resonance Haze 34 Decreased cooldown, additional damage to type-based mobs. Resonance Haze I <Resonance Haze I>
Chained Crush 67 Increased damage, removed conditional state requirement. Melee Smash
Perfect Shield 105 Parries 2 attacks, effect applied to group members. Perfect Parry I <Perfect Parry I>
Pledge of Earth 152 Reduces casting speed when triggered. Promise of Earth I <Promise of Earth I>
Protection Ward 180 Affects group members, raises Silence and Stumble Resist, increases Magic Suppression, increases the effect of healing received. Protective Ward I <Protective Ward I>
Gunslinger Concentrated Fire 34 Can be used twice. Harassing Fire
Rapidfire Deluge 67 Increases damage against mobs. Stable Stance
Escape Instinct 105 Leaps 10m forward, raises movement restraining resist. Survival Instinct
Mental Lock 152 Increased altered state resist values, lower cooldown. Anticipation
Materialize Magic 180 HP is recovered by 25%, Max HP, Block and silence Resistance added. Does not create a shield. Bulletproof Resistance
Songweaver Tempest Rhapsody 34 Additional damage to type-based mobs and paralyzed targets. Sonic Gust
Refreshing Melody 67 Decreased cooldown, raises damage against mobs, MP cost of skills are reduced. Rejuvenating Aria
Snowflower Melody 105 Decreased damage block, effect extended to group members. Mvt. 4: Winter
Illusion Dance 152 Leaps 10m forward, increases movement speed for 5s. Sonicportation
Purification Melody 180 Affects group members, recovers MP. Purifying Paean
Aethertech Magical Cover 34 Shield blocks more damage, percentage of MP lost is reduced, less damage taken from mobs. Kinetic Battery <Kinetic Battery>
Rage Wave 67 Reduced cooldown, inflicts damage, additional damage to type-based mobs. Magnetic Wave
Idium Strike 105 Increases movement and attack speed at stage 2 or 3. Kinetic Slam <Kinetic Slam>
Combat Prowess 152 Reduced MP cost, increases attack speed, damage against players and movement restraining resist values. Stability Thrusters
Transcend Limit 180 Increased Attack Speed and Magic Boost values, skill actively consumes DP rather than 2,000 DP in one go. 22px <>

Daeva Skills Edit


Daeva Skills tab (Chanter perspective)

Finally, the Daeva Skills tab, which allows the player's already acquired skills. Up to six different skills can be boosted. Spending Essence on these enhances their effects; attacks will inflict more damage and begin to deal additional damage on certain types of mobs, healing spells, shields and buffs will raise their values. Allowing a maximum level of 8, each of them will require more Essence than the previous one.

The most effective build is to boost skills which are used the most often in a player's rotation, and/or the ones which inflict the most damage. Only certain skills are available for enhancement, excluding Stigma skills as well as selected others from each class.

Trivia Edit

  • Essence's icon depicts "CP", which stands for "Creativity Points", which is the literal translation from Korean.
  • When a player acquires Essence, Growth Energy is replenished by 10%.
  • During the patch's testing phase, resetting Essence would require an Godstone <Oblivion Shard>. This was removed after the system was fully released.
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