Esoterrace is a group instance for players of level 51 and above. Elyos players may access it from Inggison Outpost in Inggison, while Asmodians do so from Gelkmaros Defense Base in Gelkmaros. One of Tiamat's biggest Drana farms, it is also a facility carrying out experiments on enhancing soldiers' strength.

This instance is majorly optional. Formerly a Fortress Instance, it is a good source of AP relics. The armor set rewarded in here has a unique appearance, mimicking the one worn by Tiamat's Army.

Backstory Edit

Balaur stationed to Esoterrace lived a prideful life, working in one of the biggest Drana farms in Balaurea. It also acts as a research facility whose objectives is to investigate ways to use Drana to enhance the power of troops, with incredible results. Its warden is no one other than Surama, a highly regarded officer by Tiamat, of outstanding power and combat capabilities.

His intentions are more sinister though. Having received a powerful sword from Tiamat, called Tiamat's Power, as a token of respect, Surama found himself believing to be stronger than the Dragon Lord with it and suspecting the sword to be spying device. He then proceeds to shatter it and give the pieces to his most loyal confidants, such as Captain Murugan.

While powerful, this factory is careless about natural life around it. Formerly home to a variety of wildlife, they coexisted with Reians, making their objective to fulfil Lord Dalia's needs. Likewise, this giant Elim's roots will nurture the soil around them, spread all across the canyon. This paradise didn't last much longer after the Balaur arrived and claimed this land as theirs. The once flourishing fields were flooded with Drana, either killing or mutating their inhabitants. Dalia fell to the hands of the Drakan, who relentlessly experimented with him, leading to an empty-minded agrint without sense or memories.

Daevas have taken as objective to take down this facility and its warden, in an effort to greatly weaken the Balaur presence and clearing the way into Tiamaranta.

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  • The instance's entrance was moved to the centre of the map after 5.3 due to the disabling of the fortresses in Inggison and Gelkmaros.
    • Originally, it was entered to from the fortresses, only accessible if the player's faction had control over the fortresses in their own regions; Altar of Avarice or Temple of Scales for Elyos, Vorgaltem Citadel or Crimson Temple for Asmodians.
  • Surama's powerful weapon, Tiamat's Power, could be acquired in-game as an item, the Earth Dragon weapons. It required the player to get a fragment from bosses and performing a questline to shape it as the player's class weapon.
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