Ereshkigal's Army refers to the united force of all Balaur legions under command of Dragon Lord <Ereshkigal>. Their presence first became known in 4.9 as Ereshkigal reclaimed Reshanta. From there on the Daevas have fought them all the way up to the 7.0 update.

Backstory Edit

After the disappearance of their Queen they remained hidden for centuries, secretly searching for her whereabouts. Formerly their territory, Ereshkigal's absence cause her army to lose control over Reshanta, due to Beritra's expansion.

Characteristics Edit

Following their leader's elemental theme, their armor mimics ice, and so do their powers.

Compared to the Beritran Army, the Ereshkigal Army has less commanding officers, and its members are spread over a few vast legions as opposed to numerous smaller ones. Whereas Beritra's troops had a tendency to rely on sophisticated weaponry (guns, war drums) or tamed beasts, the main forte of the Ereshkigal army seems to be their intelligence, which appears to be developed further than other Balaur.

Prior to their takeover of the Abyss, they discerned the potential danger of leaving Roah and Asteria Fortress to the Daevas and thus destroyed them, sacrificing potential strength to fortify their position. At the same time, their mages displayed knowledge that allowed them to manipulate and alter the artifacts found in the Upper Abyss.

The attack of the Dredgions and kidnapping of Daevas from both capital cities during the 5.3 update was likewise well-coordinated and executed. All these events caused Elyos and Asmodian commanders to remark that they had never seen this kind of strategical thinking from the Balaur before.

Notable Characters Edit

Known Legions Edit

  • Ereshkigal Legion: Generic name for Ereshkigal's troops stationed in Upper Reshanta, holding ground against Daevas and other Balaur.
  • Frigida Legion: Led by Brigade General Frigida, includes Ereshkigal's Dredgion fleet. They were tasked to invade the Daeva capitals and kidnap their inhabitants. Later infiltrating Primeth's Forge and stealing the artifact inside.
  • Ancient Harvesters: The Incarna flower tenders. Witches that feed the flower's powers with souls and summon dead Balaur from centuries ago. Organized and led the search for their missing queen, as well as staged the events that allowed them to restore her powers. A key figure in this division is <Singing Kirshka>, who oversees the efforts at the Divine Fortress.
  • Atasin Legion: Protecting Divine Fortress from assault by means of the Frozen Monolith, led by <Brigade General NergalNergal>.
  • Returned Legion: A legion of ancient Drakan resurrected with the power of the Harvesters, heavily present in Divine Fortress guarding it.
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